Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji

Review by Laura Cameron

I love Iroshizuku inks, so when Ana handed me Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji ($9.90 for 15 mL) for review, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Momiji, or Autumn Leaves, is a wonderful pinkish red that makes me think of my favorite trees in the fall.

Iroshizuku Momiji


On the swatch I couldn’t quite capture all of Momiji’s colors. You can definitely see the red leaning pink.

Iroshizuku Momiji

But somehow that swatch doesn’t convey the depth of the red, or the orangey sheen that I get in heavy applications.

Iroshizuku Momiji

In regular applications, primarily with my Delike dip nib pen, I got varying shades of red and pink.

Iroshizuku Momiji

As with all Iroshizuku inks that I have tried, the ink performs well. It is neither too dry, nor too wet, but just right for my use. The only drawback is that Momiji doesn’t appear to be very water resistant (and I don’t appear to be very smear resistant!).

Iroshizuku Momiji

In terms of color comparisons, Momiji is definitely more red than Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu Gaki, when is much more orange. While I think Momiji tends to a deep pink at times, it also doesn’t have any of that pink or orange of Sailor Jentle Sakura Mori. It’s not quite as red as BBS Watermelon Red, nor is it as pink as Lamy Vibrant Pink.

Iroshizuku Momiji

At least in the swatches I have, Momiji seems to be a color unto itself. And one I need more of!

Laura is a tech editor, podcaster, knitter, spinner and recent pen addict. You can learn more about her knitting and tea adventures on her website, The Corner of Knit & Tea and can find her on Instagram as Fluffykira.

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  1. I love Momiji! And I’m not even a fan of either red or pink inks, but this one hits a sweet spot with me. I like to put it in my Platinum Kanazawa Leaf maki-e pen, it’s instant autumn.

  2. Momiji is one of my all-time favorite inks! And I agree that it is unique — I have never seen anything like it in another ink line.


  3. This is by far my favorite rose colored ink. I hadn’t noticed at first until I purchased Tomoe River paper how much this ink shimmers a warm golden hue, especially on onion skin paper, just beautiful. Fun to watch it dry and see the shimmer appear.

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