Link Love: Oops!

I’m just back from Atlanta, so I’m catching up on other people’s stories from their trips to Atlanta and Notebook Stories’ cross-country journey as well.

Be sure to check out The Pen Addict Before The Pen Addict episode of Enough that Patrick dredged up and posted on The Cramped (link is down in Other Interesting Things). I think you can even play a round of TPABingo with it.

Been missing Art Supply Posse? I continue to try to include links about creativity and art supplies here and the new Make Do podcast might help fill the gap. But if you still crave more, check out the new Artsupia – Art Supplies in Action art supply online forum put together by Marcus Clearspring. He was a fan of the podcast and is now the creator of a new line of notebooks and truly creative soul.The forum has been in soft beta for a couple months and is ready for more users. So come over and request access and join us.




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  1. I enjoy your link love posts very much. Concentrated pen hobby goodness.

    oddly, though, the “Edison Pearlette Fountain Pen……” link directs me to the “Tombow Play Color Dot Marker….”. Not an issue as you left a clue to get there.

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