Notebook Review: Papier Tigre 3 Pocket Notebooks Set

The Papier Tigre A6 3-Pack of Notebooks ($15.33USD) is simply packaged with a black bulldog clip that holds the paper wrap onto the books and is then reusable by the books’ owner. Handy! The set includes three A6-sized (105 x 148 mm or 4.1 x 5.8 in) notebooks, each printed with graphic illustrations in bold colors. Inside, there is a lined notebook on ivory paper in one, dot grid on a light grey paper in another and blank paper on a natural white stock in the third.

All three books have a nice, heavyweight textured, cover weight cover and the paper on the insides feel substantial but smooth.


Since each book had different stock, I decided I needed to test all the papers in case they were different. I went ahead and started with my fountain pens. I figured I needed to know immediately if this paper could withstand the “sharks” first. And it did. There was no feathering or bleed. So, then it was time to try the rest of the arsenal… And the paper even held up to my regular brush pen abuse.

I flipped the paper over and there was no showthrough either. Not even the brush pen. WOOT! On to the next book.

Lined paper survived the shark attack and all the other pens too!

There’s a little evidence of the brush pens from the reverse but it was more halo effect than showthrough. Another success.

Finally… the blank book was used to start my testing for my PaperMate Flair review that will run in a few days. The image above is closer to the actual color of the paper. It’s very warm and creamy.

Again, from the reverse, there is no real showthrough and no bleed at all.

I claim these pocket notebooks as a roaring success. The only reason I would be reticent to recommend them is if you weren’t inclined to want a mixed pack of lined, dot grid and blank paper. Or if the slightly uncommon size (by pocket notebook standards) was an issue for you. Otherwise, I find these notebooks to be a stellar option. I like that the paper colors differ from notebook to notebook and the covers are graphic but non-specific. The minimal-yet-useful “packaging” is an added bonus and the paper is top notch.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Milligram for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. This looks surprisingly good for 100% recycled paper. My experience has been that paper with recycled content and fountain pens often don’t play well together; and even if they do the results can vary across production runs. Therefore I always stick with 100% Virgin content paper. Maybe these notebooks can change my mind. Note: The linked seller “Milligram” is in Australia, and in my experience shipping Internationally to/from Australia can be an expensive and time consuming activity. So if you’re in Australia, you’re good to go. Otherwise do a Web search for Papier Tigre Notebook, you’ll likely find a seller that’s closer to home.

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