Eye Candy: A Letter from Georgia O’Keefe

For those of us who love to see the penmanship of other people, and famous people being of particular interest, this tidbit of a letter by Georgia O’Keeffe will be quite the coup. A friend stumbled across this and sent it over to me.

His notes indicated that it was a photocopy of the original letter. It looks faded because the letter originally written in blue ink and he didn’t correct the density when he scanned it for me. She wrote the letter on Eaton’s Eminence bond, aka onion skin.

His comment? “Such terrific, swooshy handwriting!” I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. I love O’Keefe’s landscapes, especially the red rocks paintings. would love to see more of this letter. When I clicked the “More like this on Pinterest” button, almost every image that came up was in Urdu or Arabic, LOL!

  2. Very cool…. And…. I don’t feel so bad about my own penmanship now. (But I will keep working on it) ☺

  3. Handwriting, especially a personal letter by someone whose work or lives we admire is so intimate, don’t you think?

    Very nice.

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