Finally! Col-o-dex are available!

After a long hard journey, the Col-o-dex Rotary Cards ($15) and Tab Accessory Packs ($5) are finally available in the shop.

It took many dies (the metal forms that cut out the shapes), a long wait for paper and long nights collating and bagging but they are finally ready to deliver.

Our retailers both in the US and globally will have their restock of Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books and Col-o-dex Rotary Cards and Accessory Tab Packs in the next few weeks too as they are shipping out this week.

We have also restocked the Col-o-rings ($10), rubber stamps, notecards, notepads and more in our shop too. All this goodness will be available at our table at the St. Louis Pen Show later this summer too so you can shop in person.

So, best news ever, right? Well, at least for me and hopefully for you too!

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  1. It would be wonderful if you could come up with a more stylish looking Rolodex card holder than the current versions that are available. These remind me too much of my Dad’s desk back in the ’50s.


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