Link Love: Ebbs and Flows

As summer rolls in, the blog post rhythms change. Folks in academia have more time as they are coming into their summer breaks. Folks with young kids have less time as the kids are now home from school and they might be preoccupied with kid activities. Some of us are coming to our mid-season pen show gap between Chicago and DC where we can catch up a bit with our regular lives, catch up on some much-missed sleep and a back log of reviews, posts and other things. Longer days here on the northern hemisphere help so hopefully there will be a wave of posts to get caught up on in the coming weeks here on The Desk.

This week, Junee at Alt. Haven reviews KWZ IG Green that doesn’t really look green, Kelly at Mountain of Ink reviews a bunch of purple inks, Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! tackles the UK’s Silvine Exercise Notebook and Brad goes to Texas and leaves the Pen Addict in the hands of Jeff and Sarah (Go, team!).

My Giant Strawberry delves into the heady topis of what it means to choose joy while The Cramped tackles our favorite debate: analog over digital for thinking and idea processing. The Pelikan’s Perch provides great info on nibs and the Ink Smudge considers the “whys” behind fountain pens and pencils.

It’s always interesting to watch the blog post tides roll in and roll out.




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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post in your link love! 🙂

    The flow of the seasons is responsible for so much and with the arrival of spring and its flowing into summer means I want to spend more and more time in my garden (and less and less time at my computer!). I’m perfectly ok with that!

    Wishing you joy.

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