Video: Marie Kondo – How to Tidy Your Office

While I’ve waffled about how I feel about minimalism and the KonMari Method, my office and desk has reached an all-time level of excess and extreme measures need to be considered. Today is a grey and rainy day and there’s no time like the present to tackle some serious purging.

This is the first video I’ve seen that has translating the “spark joy” metaphor into something relating to work or functionality relevant to one’s office or other situation where you may need to keep items that serve a purpose.

I’m going to go Kondo the studio now. Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. I believe in the process. However, how can anyone get work done in such a cramped office? How are those people working with their talking?

  2. I’m a sculptor working in textiles but also with digital imagery and mixed media. And a university professor and an NSF researcher with a studio space that has to function in multiple ways. I’m also ADD and dyslexic. It’s simple for me. I need the time and space to have a thought, I need instant access to my tools and materials and files and I need to focus on doing one thing, well, at a time. So I am tidy and organized. My daughters’ Montessori training (decades ago) continues to inspire me. Everything has a container. You “work with the materials” by taking them off the shelf and then put them away when you’re done. I wish you well with your organizing efforts. I think you will enjoy the physical and mental benefits.

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