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Loot Crate had an exclusive set of X-files pencils ($2.80) a few months back that featured quotes from the series. While I am not a subscriber of the pop culture box service, I was informed that it was fairly easy to grab a set on eBay so I scurried over and for less than $10, I scored a MIB set of these nerd-centric pencils. (At the time, I did not know you could go directly to Loot Crate and purchase individual items.)

I remember watching X-Files in the 90s with rapt enthusiasm. In the age before Netflix, waiting for weekly broadcasts of this curiously weird show so epic. Twin Peaks and X-Files pretty much ushered in the new era of niche, weird TV. We were cultish with our devotion to it but as you have already guessed by now, I am a great big nerd.

As for these pencils, I love the quotes and the packaging. I wish the pencils had been hex yellow pencils instead of round which would have been more authentic though. Even the photo on the package shows Mulder carefully lining up his pencils which are hex barrels. And they sure would have looked nice foil stamped rather than printed. Oh, well. I guess I can’t have everything.

I might ask CW Pencils to make me a custom set for my own use that is actually on hex barrels and foil stamped… to be the perfect set.

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  1. Hey Ana. I actually just finished up a gigantic zine about The X-Files about a week ago. It’s so funny you posted this today.

  2. I was a Twin Peaks and X-Files geek, too! YES to the custom yellow hex pencils! These round ones are just wrong. But throw them up to the ceiling to see if they stick.


  3. I too remember the delight in waiting for the x-files. It was even worse for us Aussies as we had to wait longer than those in the US before we even got shows like the x-files & twin peaks.
    I think you should get cw pencils to make proper hex barrel x-files pencils & co-sell them. They’d be a hit!

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