In Memory of Kate Spade

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The Well-Appointed Desk is hurtling towards its eighth year of blogging (officially, June 17th is the anniversary) and, in that time, I  have mentioned Kate Spade 45 times. Clearly, she has been an influence on my life and this blog. Whether a product became the focus of a Fashionable Friday, or the backdrop for a photoshoot, Kate Spade has influenced the look and feel of what it means to have a well-appointed desk or a well-appointed life. So, I was shaken to hear that she had taken her own life last week. It took me some time to find a way to actually put it into words.

Outwardly, Kate Spade, the person and the brand, created a vision of carefree glamour and adventure with a hint of cheekiness. There was always fabulous tastefulness in the clothes and handbags and clothes but there was also bold colors and patterns on classic shapes and simple designs. And the details on the clothes and accessories was top notch. I have a navy satin jacket with silver piping on the inside with a tag that says “always find the silver lining” which is a detail only the wearer ever sees. It’s both excellent finishing and something to make me smile on a rainy day when I have to pull out my spring rain coat.

I even have a functional, oversized gold paperclip necklace. Jewelry that is also office supplies? How could I not love Kate Spade?

My classic black leather handbag, which is “oh so proper” on the outside has a poppy black-and-white striped lining that is fun and playful. My black leather planner has hot pink lining. Again, playful. Its these details that kept me coming back to Kate Spade again and again. I have stationery, jewelry, handbags, clothes, shoes, even home items because every item has added a little pizzaz to my life and I have the vision of Kate Spade to thank for that.

Kate was a native of Kansas City so she is often spoken about in reverent tones here.She graduated from St. Theresa’s Academy, a local high school in my neighborhood, and I often see young girls who could be the next entrepreneur like Kate in the local shops. I know they are shaken too because they looked up to her as a true role model.

None of us really know what shadows lurk underneath the shiny personas we project on social media, in photos and in public. Remember that, when you envy the perfect life you see on someone’s Instagram, Facebook page or Pinterest. It might not all be exotic vacations, perfect lattes and fabulous photoshoots.

If you are suffering from depression or feeling like you are all alone in the world, know that you are not. Seek help, tell your friends and family. Don’t go it alone and please, please, please don’t take drastic measures. The world needs you, just like we need our Kate Spade (and Anthony Bourdain). Its a much sadder place without them.

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  1. Thank you for posting this and reminding us that we don’t know other’s lives as well as we think.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Depression can show up anywhere, and there is help for people who suffer with it. Therapy and medications have changed my life.

  3. Thank you for this heartfelt, personal tribute. Ms. Spade was a designer who made a difference, and her loss takes a light from the world. We must listen and attend to each other, in all of our interactions.

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