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Alex asks:

I’m new to refillable pens and am a bit confused. I know I want a ballpoint and I know I want a comfortable grip that doesn’t slip. I have found some pen refills that I want to try but not sure which pens would work with the refills. I like the look of Schmidt easyflow 9000, and read that it is Parker style G2 size. I guess there are different pens that can be used with this size? The actual Parker pens look too slippy for my hands so I don’t think I will go for those. How can I find out what my options are?

The EasyFlow 9000 is a standard Parker-style refill. That does not mean you have to use a Parker pen. Lots of refillable pens take Parker-style refills.

I don’t know if any of these will qualify as “comfortable grips” but here are a few Parker-style refill compatible pens:

Parker Compatible Ballpoint Pens

From top:

Pens you’ll want to avoid would be Lamy, Pilot, Montblanc, Sailor, Sheaffer, and Cross which all use proprietary refills (there are probably others but I can’t think of them off the top of my head). Caran d’Ache uses their “Goliath” refill which is almost a Parker-style refill. It’s pretty easy to modify Parker-style refills to fit into a Caran d’Ache if you decide you like their pens.

Van asks:

First, I think we’re kindred spirits, as I love an extra fine point pen (gotta try that Fisher Bullet hack of yours). I have several Japanese EF nib fountain pens, and I just recently discovered the Pilot G2 .38 gel refill. I immediately bought an Aurora Ipsilon rollerball, and the G2 fits it perfectly.

So, my question is – I have always been in love with Parker rollerballs – Sonnet and Duofold – but IMHO the Parker refills are terrible, and certainly not fine point. Is there, to your knowledge, any fine point (<=.4) refill that would fit a Parker rollerball, including hacked ones? Failing that, how ’bout Parker ballpoints? Thanks in advance.

We fine point fans need to stick together!

For the Parker rollerball refill, your best option is a Tofty adapter on Shapeways. There are several options available: Parker RB to D1 Mini (new version), Parker RB to Uni UMR-109, and Parker RB to Pilot Coleto. There is also a Parker RB to Parker G2 (ballpoint). Each adapter sells for about $5-$6 plus shipping and will allow you to slide a smaller refill into the adapter that will meet your standards for a finer gel refill. The D1 minis, Coletos and Uni UMR-109s can all be purchased on JetPens.

As for a gel option for Parker ballpoints, I recommend looking for Premec gel refills. They are available in a variety of colors but here are links for the standard in  Parker Style G2 Black 0.4 mm Gel Refill-two pack and Parker Style G2 Black 0.5 mm Gel Refill-two pack. ($6.90 each per 2-pack)

Richard asked:

any options for levenger (rollerball) refills that are less expensive?

Levenger uses rebranded Schmidt 6126/6124 rollerball refills for their rollerball pens. So, the first option would be to just buy the Schmidt 6126 or 6124 refills. The lower priced versions of these refills from Schmidt are the 5888 (metal casing) or the 888 (plastic casing) series. The Schmidt German Roller Pen Black Refill Safety Ceramic Roller 888 F (2 Pieces) ($4.57 for 2 refills) being less expensive due to the plastic housing rather than metal. These refills are all listed to measure 110.6mm in length.



Monteverde also makes their own versions of these refills though they list the measurements at 4.1″ which translates to 104.14mm on the packaging so the fit might not be perfect or their measurements might be a little fuzzy. If your pen has a spring inside, this might not be a big deal. Monteverde also has both plastic and metal housing options and prices vary widely on Amazon. I found Monteverde Refills Metal Tube Black Fine Point Rollerball Pen  (one refill for $8.50) which seems a bit pricey but does provide another brand to check.

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  1. I do not have a Levenger roller ball pen. However, based upon the pictures of the refills, do you think that Pilot G-2, Uni Signo, Pentel Energel, and similarly-sized refills would work? I find that a lot of roller ball pens work with those refills.

    1. I imagine they should fit fine. Likely, any of the standard Euro rollerball sized refills should fit that are listed on the Refill Guide.

  2. I have numerous Levenger roller ball pens. I use Pilot G2 cartridges in them. I have various colors and sizes of tips. Since the refills are harder to find, many times I buy packages of the whole pens and pull the cartridges. Even at full price, they are less than $1.50 per refill.

  3. I have recently been using Schneider Gelio 39 .4mm refills – I really like them. They write like a .6mm rollerball.

  4. Either I didn’t read this article right or my own question wasn’t answered it this one.

    In short, I just want to know what pens (all in total) use Parker style refills.

    1. There are so many pens that use Parker-style refills that it is challenging for anyone to keep an exhaustive list or current (or discontinued) pens that use this refill. Many online shops will list the refill of a pen in the description. Also know that generally Pilot, Platinum, Lamy, Cross, Caran d’Ache and Montblanc (to name a few big manufacturers) will take proprietary refills so you can rule them out. Fisher Space Pens take modified Parker-style refills in their smaller models. If a pen says its a rollerball, then it’s not a Parker-style refill. Those are always longer. Retro 51s and any pen that take the short Schmidt rollerball refills can also accept a Parker-style… so you can see how it starts to get VERY complicated?

  5. Hello,
    I have a Bic Citation pen. I am trying to find a ink refill for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Take care, be safe and stay healthy.

    1. I am pretty sure this sort of standard Bic refill should fit. If its too long, you can cut the end of the plastic with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife.

  6. Have a Parker Big Red pen. Any suggestions re: refills? would prefer a felt or fiber tip but any refill will do.

  7. hi, my wife has a very small pocket pen which uses a mini (short) parker jotter refill which is only about 2 3/8 inches in length. There are no markings on either the pen or the refill. But it is an exact short parker jotter cartridge as I use the full size jotter cartridges in a couple of pens I have. Any help you can give on where to find these short refills is appreciated. I can send you pictures if need be.

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