Fountain Pen Review: Faggionato Pétrarque Carnival with Gold Plated Steel Nib

Faggianto Fountain Pen package

One of my last purchases at the Chicago Pen Show was a total impulse purchase. I had wanted to buy one a Faggionato fountain pen for awhile but did not know which one I wanted until we were all packing up on Sunday. I walked past the Papier Plume table and insisted Renso pause his packing so that I could purchase one. I chose the Pétrarque Carnival with the standard gold plated medium nib ($200).

Faggianto Fountain Pen in box

The pen comes in a simple black paperboard box with velveteen lining. There is a line of black stitching around the edge and white foil stamped lettering on the box. The box closes with a magnetic closure. It’s simple but just enough care is taken to know that the pen is protected without feeling like there is more money put into the box than the pen.

The pen is made in France from custom-made cellulose acetate and the colors of the material are very unusual. It looks like dappled autumn leaves in golds, browns, and burgundies. There are even some pinks and purples dotted in the color and its slightly translucent.

The hardware is gold and the clip is custom as well. It arcs in a graceful curve.

Faggianto Fountain Pen Capped

Debossed on the clip is the Faggionato logo – two stylized F’s back-to-back  making an almost pagoda-like design or wings.

Faggianto Fountain Pen uncapped

Faggianto Fountain Pen Nib

The nib is listed as a Bock nib but it’s unmarked except for a debossed square with a dot int he middle making it very understated.

It’s a really stunning pen. The simplicity of the overall design on the pen shape and nib lets the colors really shine.

Faggianto Fountain Pen writing sample

In writing, the nib writes really well leading me to suspect that it must be inspected before it is released into the wild. I did the writing test on this just after I did the Pineider which required a lot of concentration and effort. The Faggionato, on the other hand, just floats across the page. The grip section was long enough that I did not notice the cap threads at all. I’ve been so busy that this pen has not seen much use which is sad because its beautiful and a delightful writer.



This pen was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. Other items included in this review were provided free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Thank you for this – a Faggionato has been on my wishlist for a while and has just moved higher up after reading your comment that the nib has a stubbish quality!

  2. I’m not normally much of a fancy pen type of guy, but you’re certainly making me want one! I must admit that this is a very beautiful pen. I don’t really write much so I can’t exactly justify spending $200 on a pen, but I’d love to get it for a gift or something 😛

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