Fountain Pen Review: Moonman M2

I’ve been seeing photos of Moonman pens all over Instagram and have wanted to try one, so I was amused when Ana brought the Moonman M2 ($22.99 via Amazon) to knit night last week and handed it over to me for my next review.


The Moonman M2 is a plexiglass resin demonstrator pen in an oblong shape, sort of pointed at both ends. The nib is gold-plated stainless steel.  In the one Ana purchased, the nib is a fine.  However, she wasn’t a fan because it is definitely more of a Western fine; the line it puts down is more like a Japanese medium. The Moonman boasts a “3 seal design [that] ensures no leaks” and the pen comes with an eyedropper for filling the pen.



In terms of size, the Moonman M2 is comparable to some of the mid-sized pens on the market.  Capped, it comes in at 5.4″ (138 mm) and is similar to the Pilot Metropolitan in length.   The cap is postable and brings the length to 6.1″ (155 mm).  In terms of weight, the Moonman weighs 15g, making it lightweight and approximately the feel of a Pilot Prera or Lamy Safari.

L to R: TWSBI Eco, Kara’s Kustoms Fountain K, Moonman M2, Pilot Metropolitan, Sailor Pro Gear Slim


I was pleasantly surprised to find the Moonman M2 a really lovely writing experience.  Even though I’ve long said that I love metal bodied pens for their weight and feel, I really did enjoy this lightweight pen for scribbles and notes.


The nib is broader than some of the ones I usually use (the Sailor is an EF), but I didn’t find it problematic. My usual measure of a nib I like to use is whether it will allow ink to bleed through the pages in my Rhodia Goalbook or my Hippo Noto, and this does neither except in heavy applications.   The nib is fairly smooth and allowed ink to flow easily through so I have no complaints on that score.


Finally, I really just like the look of this pen.  I think the shape is fun, and it holds a ton of ink in a demonstrator body which is fun for the writer to see.  Overall, given the price point, I’d say this is a great one to add to your collection.

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  1. Good Review. I’ve had my two Moonman 2’s inked since I received them months ago. Love’em. There fun little pocket pens that have turned into daily writers for sure.

  2. I have had one since they first appeared on Ebay. Mine is the EF nib and if you turn it upside down you can write microscopic. I’ve let it sit for a month of non use just as a test and it wrote immediately with no skips. It’s rolled around on the floor of my truck and has been shoved in my pack or pocket and the material has come out with very little scratching. Can you tell that I’m fan?

  3. I just love my little Moonman M2 EF. It’s a very smooth writer, is playing nicely with Carbon Black ink so far, and I’m planning to give it a real workout during OBJ.

  4. I love mine! I flew to NYC and back with it half-full, no problems, and then on a driving trip to Maine. I have used it extensively for editing on printer paper (EF nib). Then one morning it was leaking badly. I hadn’t cleaned it or changed ink or anything else. Did a thorough cleaning last night and will re-ink to see if I can figure it out.

  5. That’s the first time I’ve seen the word plexiglass used to describe a pen. It’s a cool looking pen. I have the Moonman Wancai. I’ll look for this one now.

  6. Plexiglass for Moonman, precious resin for MontBlanc, PMMA for all. This is a great pen, almost as good as the Leica, which could be Gen 1. I put a 1.1 in mine for some nice lines. Feed keeps up well. After a few months pen going strong no issues. Have use it as a real pocket pen. Works well.

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