Pen Review: Desiderata Precession Flex (Zebra G Nib) Fountain Pen

Desiderata Precession

Desiderata Pens is known for making some of the most unique pens that utilize the Zebra G calligraphy nibs in a modern fountain pen housing for flex writing experience. Every time I see Pierre at a pen show, he has developed a new design and refined, retooled or improved upon his previous designs for a feed or pen shape. His desire to constantly advance his designs is one of the things I admire about the work he does and why I was excited at the chance to take the Precession Pen for a test drive.

Desiderata Precession

The model that I tried is a clear acrylic with threads of red throughout. The material is called “Phantom Mist.” When empty, the pen is really stunning to see. The design of the pen is also quite unique as both the cap and end are removable. The end cap covers the bulb filler which features a clear sac and helps to provide suction to fill the entire barrel of the pen with ink. The Zebra G flex nib uses a good deal of ink so the clear body and large ink chamber are handy for keeping track of how much ink is left and how quickly its filling when using the squeeze filler.

Desiderata Precession

When I filled the pen, it took a good 30 or so squeezes to get the pen barrel full of ink. YMMV. But it does hold a full 4ml of ink and the squeeze filling is a fairly tidy method for filling requiring only a towel to wipe of the nib when I was done compared with an eye dropper which requires a syringe and silicone grease which makes an eyedropper pen a little less portable.

Desiderata Precession writing sample

Once filled, ink will obscure the details of the Phantom Mist acrylic and there may be some evidence in the cap and sac of the ink. The inside of the pen is polished, however, so its not likely to stain or be too difficult to change inks.

The model I tested did not have a clip but a clip is available as shown on this version of the Precession.

Filled with ink the Precession weighs 16gms capped and 11gms uncapped. It’s 6″ long capped and 5.5″ long uncapped. It cannot be posted. The pen is long but lightweight and very comfortable in the hand. I was worried that it would be too big or too long but honestly I just wanted to keep writing with it.

I get all zen when I can just sit and write with a flex pen and not have to worry about dipping it. So that is what I did with the Precession. I basically wrote it dry. Over and over again. The ebonite feed could keep up with the Zebra G nib without railroading or running dry.

Normally, with flex nibs I prefer the titanium version ($33.50 per dozen) of the Zebra G which is less prone to rusting and is certainly worth trying in the Precession, if you have any on hand, though some find them a bit stiffer than the steel version.

Desiderata Precession writing sample

If you’ve been looking for a flex nib option that utilizes a modern body and easy-to-replace nibs (Zebra G nibs can be had for a $13.50 for a dozen) than the Precession would be a great option. Desiderata offers this model in acrylics starting at $200 or Matte Black starting at $150.

The Precession will also accept a #6 Jowo nib unit so, should you decide that flex writing is not for you or you want to switch things up, this pen can become an everyday writer by swapping out the nib unit. Talk about accommodating!

Hopefully, Desiderata will be at the DC Pen Show this weekend. Hope to see you (and Pierre) there!

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  1. Never heard of Desiderata Pens before. This looks like a very interesting and reasonably priced pen. The colour is pretty cool as well. Great review.

  2. Oh my. I just came across this and I am perhaps overly excited. I just learned how to write copperplate and I am IN LOVE with flex nibs, to the point I am starting to feel my normal fountain pens are a bit drab. So exciting to find out there are people who make fountain pens that use true flex nibs, and not just the not-very-flexy fountain pen kind! (There goes my bank account…)

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