Eye Candy: Birmingham Pen Co. Inks

Birmingham Pen Co. Ink

I am sucker for these Birmingham Pen Company inks. This is batch number two for me. The first batch was so lovely I knew I would order more. First, the colors are so muted and complex and I love that Birmingham names all their colors after people and places from their community. Second, they are so stinkin’ cheap. A 30ml bottle is just $7.99. So, I can’t resist buying them.

This round I bought some of the newer colors more recently released and some that have been restocked: Andy Warhol Pop Art Purple, Southside Market Boysenberry, May Lou Williams Piano Girl PinkFred Rogers Cardigan Red, Thomas Mellon Evergreen and Schenley Park Thicket Green.

Evergreen, Cardigan Red and Pop Art Purple are the most saturated, vivid colors I’ve gotten from Birmingham Pen Company thus far. Schenley Park Thicket Green is a lovely forest green and Boysenberry is a good raspberry purple. However, Piano Girl Pink is no more pink than Gerbera Pink I picked up in the first batch. As long as I think of Piano Girl as a burgundy its a nice color but pink, it is not. For all the things Birmingham Pen Co. is doing right, pink is not their strong suit.

But oh, their deep, dark muted tones are so good. So, if you have not tried out some of the Birmingham Pen Company inks yet, now is the time.

I promise that I will do more in depth reviews of some of these ink colors in the coming weeks.

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  1. Ana, you are right. Birmingham inks are amazing and the price can’t be beat. As a proud Pittsburgher, I especially appreciate the local touch. Your beautiful swatches are the icing on the cake – looking forward to your in-depth reviews!

  2. I love their Shadyside Walnut Street Brown and their (I should just say his, since we’re really talking about Nick, right?), Duquesne Incline Station Red. Wonderful shading inks. Both of them are nearly always in my rotation now. I order samples from Nick to find the good shaders. His shading inks are glorious.

  3. Ana, you are absolutely right about the quality and price of these beautiful inks. As a proud Pittsburgher, I am especially in love with them. Your lovely penmanship and artistry make them look even better!

  4. Cardigan Red is one of my favorites out of all the inks I own, the shading in it is just so incredible (Although I’ll admit when I originally purchased it I was most attracted to the name)! They have such nice complex muted colors that seem to look nice on everything I write on. As a part of the pen parcel last month I also tried an upcoming shimmering color and I’m excited to see more of those from this company, it was beautiful!

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