Ink Preview: Colorverse x Opus88 Inks

Colorverse x Opus88 Ink

Colorverse also released a set of inks in July to coordinate with the Opus88 Koloro and Picmic pen lines.  The seven eight colors in this collection all include traditional inks (no shimmers) and both of the bottles in the 2-bottle sets are the same colors (65ml and 15ml bottles for $36 per set).

I received samples of these colors but the Colorverse x Opus88 inks also received the same upgraded packaging as the Season 4 Trailblazers in Space did with the added foam to protect the bottles in shipping.

Colorverse x Opus88 Ink

Colorverse x Opus88 Ink

Colorverse x Opus88 Ink

I was super excited about Girls Just Wanna. I mean why wouldn’t I be excited about a bright, almost-flourescent pink? I thought I might have something similar from Kobe (Sailor) but I don’t think I do after all. I think Horizon may be a bit similar to Crystal Planet without the sheen. Soul is a lovely chocolatey brown. It’s warmer than JFK’s Dog Pushinka. Laurel is a dark forest green. It’s darker than Able. Tango is a terra cotta orange that’s a bit more ruddy than V2 Rocket and there’s a lot more of it in this set. Supernatural is darker than Albert, a bit more “slime green” to the “limeade” green of Albert. The truly unique color in this set is Adobe which is one of the best non-metallic golden yellow colors I’ve seen. It is not too yellow in thin lines. It keeps a golden quality. This should have been Golden Record in the Voyager I set, IMHO.

OMG, I apologize but I don’t have a swatch for Depth. I don’t know how I missed it. Especially considering that Depth is supposed to be the ink to match my favorite Blue Blue Koloro. I’ll try to add the swatch into this post as an addendum ASAP and will definitely have a review in the future along with reviews of several of these colors, particularly Adobe and Girls Just Wanna!


DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Vanness Pen Shop for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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