Link Love: Posse, Biscuits, GO?

The biggest news (in my world) is that Art Supply Posse relaunched this week. I very shakily turned over the reigns to Marcus, Ana, Kim and the gang so now its your turn to join Artsupia and join in too.

Add to that, the start of the San Francisco Pen Show and my head is about to explode!

Even if you’re not going to the show, there’s plenty of fun to be had online with the first sightings of the new TWSBI GO making its way into the market. And, much to my relief, I was able to find out where Winter Sharks went — he renamed his blog Inksharks! Joy!



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  1. Is Maya Blue an ink color/name that exists in the world? I need/want it!!! My mother is Guatemalan and when I was a kid, she took me to the ancient ruins. I must have Maya Blue!

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