Notebook Review: Compoco Good Luck Cat Journal

Compoco Good Luck Cat Journal Cover

Sometimes I hit the notebook jackpot and I have way too many awesome books all at once. This summer was one of those times. For my birthday, Bob surprised me with an awesome one. It was this one from Compoco. It’s the Good Luck Cat Journal ($13.50) and you all are in luck because its on sale. Don’t worry if cats aren’t your thing, they have you covered with other well-designed eclectic weirdness. But for me… c’mon! Cats, yarn and coffee! If there was a fountain pen in there, it would have been made for me.

Compoco Good Luck Cat Journal Cover close-up

Moving on from the absolutely ridiculously adorable cat design that looks like Lucy in the Sky with yarn eyes, the matte black cover with metallic gold foil is fabulous. Kudos on the nice production. Its so nice I could not blemish it with the black elastic and immediately tucked it around the back cover so as to not cover up any of the design.

Compoco gold foil edging

Gold foil edging? Hell yeah! There’s also a gusseted pocket in the back and a ribbon bookmark with a sealed end so it doesn’t fray because they love me and they don’t want me to yell.

Compoco notebook writing sample

Paper? Dot grid, with the palest of dots for those with discerning taste. And the paper? It’s 80gsm light ivory that handles fountain pens with decent aplomb.

Compoco reverse of writing sample

From the reverse of my pen test page, theres a tiny bit of bleed and some show through but not bad for a notebook that retails for less than $20 and is on sale for $13.50.

Compoco back cover close-up

Look into my eyes… buy me now… get some stickers too….buy me now… get some stickers too…. no compensation was accepted for this brainwashing…. I jut really like shiny gold cats….

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  1. Oh I am SOOOO pathetic. When I saw the photo of the cover I knew I had to have it…you know the “bright shiny objects” syndrome? Irrespective of how good or bad your review was, I was BUYING this book. Needless to say, I am happy that your review was favorable. Just returned from the SF Pen show with more ink and pens and a renewed passion in journaling. So, perhaps this will be volume #1.

  2. I as thinking the same as the above reviewer, even if it was bad it had to come home to me…This is so pretty I have an awful feeling it will end up in the too pretty to use pile. But yarn and black cats?? I may have bought notebooks, and stickers and a notepad also while I was just browsing to see what else they had…

  3. Your brainwashing worked, Ana! As soon as I perused their web site, I knew I needed a notebook, some pocket notebooks, some pads of paper, some stickers … Thank you (I think!) for turning me on to Compoco — their stationery is amazing (and quite possibly habit forming)!

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