News: New Releases from Field Notes, Sailor and Blackwing

Field Notes: Endpaper Edition

Oh, Coudal and Partners, you are two-for-two with me this year. First, a space edition to end all space editions and now a marbled End Papers edition that warms my frustrated librarian heart? Using the format from the Dime Store edition with book-like bound edge, lined pages, and heavier paper, End Papers will be the perfect edition for keeping track of your favorite books, quotes, writing poetry or starting your next great novel. Or your grocery lists will look really spiffy this quarter. This edition only comes with two books, rather than the standard three-book set but each book has a substantial 68 pages to the average 48-pages in a Kraft edition.

Blackwing Volumes: 33 1/3

Seriously? What took you so long, Blackwing? The new Blackwing Volumes is inspired by the the classic 33 1/3, 12″ black vinyl record. This is the coup de gras of Blackwing Volumes. It will certainly rival the Steinbeck for a favorite Volume. Black-on-black-on-black with the Pearl, balanced graphite. While not the firm core of the Steinbeck core, its darn close. That’s okay… you have time to do a 45RPM… maybe even a 78RPM. It’s all good and it will make up for some of the misses this year (I’m looking at you, weird greige round pencil!).

Sailor 1911 Key Lime

Sailor released the latest in the 1911 line, the Key Lime this week to its exclusive North American retailers. Its available in the regular and large models and in all seven standard nib sizes. The color is absolutely Well-Appointed Desk-approved with a metallic, lime green sheen. Holy mojitos!

Currently available from our pals at Anderson Pens: $196 for the Standard, $288 for the Large

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