Notebook Review: Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook Refills

Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook

The Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook refills are designed to fit into their Vagabond Notebook Covers ($38 for Ashen or Umber canvas covers) or standard Traveler’s Notebook covers. The refills are made from ​90gsm bamboo paper and are sold in 3-packs for $15. Each notebook in the refill contains 28 sheets (56 pages). The covers are cardstock and foil stamped with the Franklin-Christoph crest in clear )or the same color) foil and the “F” on the back. It’s all very subtle.

The most unusual thing about the Franklin-Christoph Vagabond notebooks are the flat cut corners that remind me of Battlestar Galactica.

Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook

Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook writing samples

I tested a plethora of pens from rollerball, felt tip and ballpoint to my favorite fountain pens and pencils. Everything performed nicely. There was no feathering or splining.

Franklin-Christoph Vagabond Notebook reverse side of writing samples

When I flipped the paper over, there was no show through at all so this paper would be fine to use on both sides for day-to-day use.

I am not aware of any other company using 90gsm bamboo paper (though I do know that Tomoe River paper is made of bamboo) so its certainly worth trying for curiosity’s sake. I tested the blank but Franklin-Christoph also offers lined (7mm), dots (5mm), and graph (5mm) if blank is not your thing.

I purchased this product with my own money.

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