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I don’t often get a chance to thank the wonderful people in the pen community for all that they do for us here at The Desk but I thought today would be a good time to thank you all for your kindness. At pen shows, readers of the blog, folks who have heard me on The Pen Addict or read posts on Ravelry will bring us food, coffees, pastries, grab lunch for us and a thousand other kindnesses that I never seem to find a way to thank properly.

Other people have kindly brought gifts because they know I love knitting, or NoBlots, or handmade items like shawls (oh, the kindness!!) because they know we get cold.

People have shared amazing stories with me from how they found their first fountain pen, to what lead them to buying their latest bottle of ink.

And finally, I get many wonderful letters sent to Desk HQ and have not had much time this year to reply. But please don’t think that I haven’t gone over your letters, postcards and notes with joy and appreciation.

I can’t tell you how lucky I am to be a part of this community. Pens have brought so many amazing things into my life beyond just pens, ink and paper. They have helped me out of my shell, to meet new people and see how amazing and kind the world can be.

Thank you for it all.

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  1. The Pen Community appreciates you, too. Your pen, ink and planner information have all helped me make decisions that have helped me in many ways.

    Thank you!

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