Plannermania continues!

OMG! There are more and more and more planners out. These are planners I haven’t gotten in my hot little hands but I couldn’t let them be neglected.

Are they super cool looking? YES!

Are they fountain pen friendly? I don’t know.

Still, I had to let you know about them. These might have the right organizational tools for you regardless of their pen friendliness. This may be the right planner and the reason to crack out that stash of Retro51s, Baron Fig Vanguards, or all those other gel, rollerballs or even pencils you have been squirreling away.

So make a commitment to your future self. Pick a planner and make your goals and stick to them.

Frannerd 2019 Diary

I have been a follower and fan of Fran Meneses for a long time. Her videos on YouTube and illustration style is one of my favorites. So when I heard about her planner last year,  I had a hard time not ordering one. She has updated and streamlined her design for her newest design, the Frannerd Open Year Planner : Year Two $30.04 (via Etsy) and I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist again. The hard cover planner comes with several custom sticker sheets as well as being fully illustrated.

Flow Notebook 2019

Flow Magazine is full of creativity and advice for finding time in the day for yourself and the things that are important. The Flow Diary 2019 (€16.95) carries that same tradition into a year long planner. The layout is a vertical weekly calendar with lots of inspiring hand drawn illustrations and includes stickers, postcards and paper clips that are stored in the pocket in the back. The whole book is closed with a horizontal elastic.

Frankie Planner 2019

Frankie is an Australian magazine that also creates a diary every year and it is always beautiful. The Frankie Diary 2019  ($29.95AU) is no exception. The moss green linen cover gives the book a lovely look and hints at the delicate artwork used inside. There are monthly and weekly calendar pages all illustrated and hand drawn plus gift tags and cards, tear-out forget-me-nots, stickers, sketching pages and a pocket in the back to store ephemera.

Decisions, decisions! So many planners and so many plans!

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