Housekeeping Update: Would You Look At That?

As we get into the throes of the holiday season, I thought I’d let you know that our dearest Jesi took a crack at organizing our top navigation in preparation for future efforts. We’d like to make it easier for you, our beloved readers, to find Guide Sheets, Gift Guides, and maybe in the near future Our Top Picks in various categories.

Fan-favorite, Fashionable Friday is now accessible in the top navigation along with Link Love so you’ll have quick access to your favorite features.

We also made it easier to access the Pen Addict Bingo (its under the LINKS tab) so each week you’ll be ready to play along with each episode.

As always, you can reach us with your pressing stationery questions through the Ask The Desk link.

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  1. Yea Jesi!
    And a thanks to you Ana, and the WAD team for making your blog so cool.

    It’s the first blog I’ve ever followed, and still the only one I check regularly thanks to the emails.

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