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If you live Down Under, you may be happy to hear that you will soon have a hook-up for your own Tomoe River notebooks. Thanks to Pebble Stationery, who has just released their Kickstarter campaign for their first products, Aussies will now have access to domestic Tomoe River notebooks and matching pencils.

I got an early look at their notebooks and they are everything that you’d want in a pocket-sized Tomoe River notebook. The paper inside is 52gsm with sturdy 350gsm covers.  Final versions will include 4mm dot grid and each book is conveniently sized to 3.5″x5.5″ (Field Notes size) to fit many available covers.

In my pen tests, the paper withstood all the pen tests and the heavier-than-average Tomoe River paper had less-than-average show through so both sides of the paper can be used.

Alcohol-based Sharpie markers were the only show-through exception.

But since each notebook has 80 pages, there’s plenty of room for experimentation too.  Backer prices starter at $15AU ($13AU for early birds) for two notebooks and two pencils, with shipping to limited countries.

Pebble Stationery is working to bring boutique stationery to Australia but also want to give back and support creativity and learning across the globe. For each pack of Pocket Tomoe River Notebook sold, they will donate a pencil through Pens for Kids UK.

Having just had Bob’s host brother here this week (from his year in AFS) from Australia, I have a particular soft spot for Australia and know that they are often overlooked in, not just the stationery community, but in many areas of the internet. So, here’s hoping that Pebble Stationery is another success story from Down Under.

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  1. I double-checked the Kickstarter page even though I’m not in Australia, and you’re right – the notebooks do have 52 gsm Tomoe River paper. But that’s not the heavier weight. It’s the original, the same paper used in Hobonichis. The heavier TRP is 68b gsm.

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing this – as an Australian-based reader of your blog, I’ve jumped straight on board!

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