What we’re grateful for

In honor of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some of the things we were grateful for.


  • That my friends and family are happy and healthy. Even in a world that often churns around us, we’re keeping on.
  • That I found my dream job this year and that everything feels like it’s falling into place!
  • The communities I’m a part of: the knitting/fiber arts community and the pen community. I’m so enriched and inspired by the people around me and their creativity. I only hope I’m able to return the favor.


  • Fountain pen caps. We all fuss and swoon over the sexy nib, and even discuss at length the design of the clip. But if you lost the cap (as I’ve nearly done several times), how long would your pen be of use? Kiss a pen cap tonight.
  • We may love vintage products for the nostalgia they evoke, but the more I collect vintage colored pencils, the more I’m grateful for the improved quality of contemporary products. With only a few exceptions, art materials in general keep getting better and better.
  • My warm, safe home. I so often take it for granted, but I should not.


  • I am thankful for my amazing friends who put up with my eccentricities, my flights of fancy and my ability to lose hotel keys. Without them,  I would be lost, homeless and hangry.
  • I and so grateful to Bob for all his support. Without him, this blog, the Col-o-ring and so much more would only be a dream.
  • I am grateful to Laura, Jesi and Tina for making The Well-Appointed Desk even better. Without them, this blog wouldn’t happen. I need their enthusiasm and input to keep going ever week.
  • I am also thankful to our sponsors who help keep this site running. Without their support, this whole venture would be a whole lot harder. I am honored they believe in us, our readers and the future of the stationery community we are building.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I am eternally grateful for all the readers of this blog, the folks who listen to the Pen Addict podcast and fans of Art Supply Posse who continue to support our endeavors with their eyes, ears and hearts. Without you, I’d be shouting at windmills.


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  1. I’m thankful for all of you – for the joy these posts bring to my inbox, even when I’m far away from my pen community. Y’all are awesome. ❤️ Have a good Thanksgiving!

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