Eye Candy: Stamping Fountain Pen Inks in Col-o-ring

swatches stamps Col-o-ring

One of my pen club pals Katie, swatched all the inks at our local pen shop using a rubber stamp. The effect is eye-catching and makes a quick way to show ink without using a big brushy swab.


swatches stamps Col-o-ring

While in Canada I found a couple stamps from Chamilgarden at PaperPlusCloth. I found a checked pattern similar to what Katie used and a dot design. Using a paint brush, I brushed ink onto the stamps and then pressed them into the paper. Some inks filled in a bit, others kept the stamp design more cleanly. It could also be a user error since I don’t work with rubber stamps ad fountain pen ink much. Though it was a lot of fun to try and each result was a little different and unique.

swatches stamps Col-o-ring

The sparkle ink I tried filled in a lot more though I suspect is had something to do with the gold particles. It gave a nice representation of the ink including shading and the sparkle. The other tests I did showed variety in the ink and the checked pattern stamp mimicked varying line widths nicely. I need to improve my implementation though.

While Chamilgardden stamps are pretty hard to come by, a search on Etsy for “grid rubber stamp” or “background rubber stamp” offers some other options.

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  1. I absolutely love these! Tell me about how difficult it was to clean up the stamps to use for multiple colors?

    1. For ink testing, a cup of water and paper towels will speed clean-up. Since most inks are water soluble, I just dip the stamp in water and wipe clean with a paper towel.

    1. I didn’t completely master the technique but I’m sure with your stamping experience you would be much better at it.

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