Inkmas Day 10: 3 Oysters Doldam

12 days of Inkmas

Okay, after four ho-hum reviews, this one is the rave review. Sort of.

The minute I saw 3 Oysters Doldam on paper, I knew I had to buy a bottle. I love grey ink and this ink is a blue-grey with a yellowish sheen. It has a lot of shading and ranges from a dove grey to almost a blue-black in saturated spots. Then there’s the sheen which is sometimes yellowish and sometimes bluish. Let me state or the record that this ink does not sheen like an Organics Studio ink, but it does possess some tricks.

I did find this ink a little light when writing with a fine nib pen. When it’s dry, its completely legible but it goes down a little light. However, if you put Doldam in a wide nib pen… LOOKOUT! The results are stunning.

Such color variety and shading. By far, Doldam is one of my favorite ink colors this year.

When lined up with other greys in my collection, you can see the range of hues — some are blue grey, some are a warmer reddish-grey. When stacked next to other greys, Doldam (at the top) is definitely more blue-violet than the others.

Birmingham Pen Co. Enterprise Tower Aluminum ($7.99 for 30ml bottle) and Callifolio Gris de Payne ($12 for 40ml bottle) are definitely more bluish. Krishna Pencil ($6 for 20ml) is a warmer red-grey (YMMV with this particular color) and Diamine Earl Grey ($16 for 80ml bottle) has lavender undertones though, in person, it looks to be the most neutral grey.

With those comparisons, it’s evident that Doldam is a unique ink color with some unusual color properties. This, in my magpie nature, makes it entirely worth purchasing. See? I’m not the Inkmas scrooge.


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  1. Your review of Oysters Doldam is wonderful and I’m going to order it right away! I have the Col-o-dex ink block but would prefer the rotary style. Could you recommend a holder? Thanks for the great show of inks….I’m becoming so addicted 🙂

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