New Year’s Resolutions: Tina

by Tina Koyama

Tina's cleanout

I have only one resolution for 2019, and it’s the same as the one I made (and kept – at least halfway) a year ago: Clear out my studio of all unneeded art and craft materials, office supplies and stationery items. Yes, I still hoard use art and craft materials, office supplies and stationery items, but my needs and interests change. Last year I filled many bins with books and craft supplies that I hadn’t used in a long time and hauled them all to appropriate charities and nonprofit organizations. I felt so much lighter, and I made space for current collections and other interests. After doing the job on half my studio, though, I ran out of steam, so I’m looking forward to finishing the job on the other side of the room in early 2019.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan. I too am going to finish up my project from last year. Reupholstering a chair. Last year I got the cushions done, this year the rest of the chair.
    But I want to know what is that thing at the back of your picture. The thing with all the knobs on it?

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