Eye Candy: Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

Moo has once again released a special edition of their notebooks. This time, they teamed up with artist Kate Moross and created a 3-notebook set in a slipcase ($24.99) that is available starting today.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

The slipcase has the same texture and sturdy build as the slipcase that my original hardcover notebook came in. Its matte finish though. Inside the slipcase are three stitch bound, softcover notebooks each with coordinating covers, center pages.and stitching.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

Each cover is printed in tone-on-tone inks with a clue to the purpose for each notebook.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

The turquoise blue book is set-up for to-do lists, the bright goldenrod yellow is blank sketchbook and the red is lined for notes.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

The red notes notebook is printed with yellow lines and has contrasting blue blank pages in the center and yellow end papers.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

The yellow blank sketch book has contrasting red paper in the center and blue end papers.

Moo Kate Moross Notebook Set

The blue to-do book has wider red printed lines and check boxes with yellow pages in the center and red end papers.

These notebooks all use the same paper as the previous notebooks.  The paper is 100gsm Munchen Kristall and the colored paper is 135gsm Colorplan, the same used in the previous editions of the Moo notebooks so all our previous writing tests apply here as well. The paper is lovely, these notebooks are cool looking and the slipcase makes for great storage later.

The Giveaway

Clearly, I can’t possibly keep something this nice all to myself. So, I want to share the wealth. I am giving this amazing Moo x Kate Moross Notebook Set away to one lucky reader.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me which notebook you’d use first. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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  1. blank pages – trying to encourage my “meditative” side and this would be a great way to just be!

  2. I’m sure I’d start the sketchbook first, but the to-do list notebook might get finished first. Not the lists inside, mind you, just that the book would be filled with things I should be doing. To procrastinate on those lists, I’ll just have to draw in the sketchbook. And the lined notebook would surely be next in my series of journals.

  3. Since I’m always planning and making lists, the turquoise one would be my first go to notebook.

  4. I’d use the blank one. I love writing and drawing in a blank book, and it can be hard to find good ones! At some point I am going to try a dot notebook, but I suspect that blank one will always be my favorite.

  5. I would probably use the lined one for notes (Fountain Pens in Use, and that sort of thing). Or I might give them to my wife who is as much a note taker as I am (just gave her another of my Field Notes this morning).
    Thanks for doing the giveaway. Hope to see you at the Atlanta Pen Show in April.

  6. Sketchbook! If I were practical, I might start with the checklist notebook, but that’s no fun!

  7. I would use the blue to-do book first. I find keeping a list of stuff I have to get done actually works for me.

  8. I’d start with the blue to-do list because that’s a big way that I use my notebooks. Thanks.

  9. They all look absolutely gorgeous! I would probably use the to-do book first because lists are the only reason I get anything done.

  10. First off thank you for doing this beautiful give away. Secondly I would like to think that I would start with the To Do Book. As I have grown older and am moving into trying to do more things for myself I find myself exploring the dreams and goals that I may have dismissed in the past or been too afraid to try. So rather than using the To Do book in a what might be a more traditional way of listing of task that need to be done. I would use it to put in dreams and goals for me to ponder / explore and maybe achieve.

  11. I would probably use the To-Do first and struggle to feel like my sketches were worth of the doodle book…

  12. This set is supercute. I would probably use the sketchpad first. Give me free space to scribble while I study.

  13. TO Do … of course because there is so much to do…BTW hello from the cold cold cold grounds of Michigan

  14. Definitely the red one. I’d use it to make notes while reading letters from my pen pals so I won’t forget what I want to say (like I usually do) when I write back to them. This is a cute set of notebooks, the covers are beautiful.

  15. Wow… I would use the “thoughts” book first. Always have random thoughts that need written down or permanently lost.

  16. Gold! I’ve been trying to practice drawing stars lately. Apparently, 5-pointed ones escape me…

  17. I’d likely use the “notes” book first – my current D&D notebook is nearly full and I’ve been looking for a new one.

  18. The blue to-do list. Dump everything I need to do in there; check it off when I’ve done it; feel accomplished!

  19. I would use the “To Do” notebook first – as a busy working mom I always have a to do list 10 miles (or pages) long!

  20. I would have to use the “To Do” notebook first. It is almost February, and I have no plan for 2019. It is the right time of year to complete some indoor tasks, like going through a file cabinet of paper files.

  21. I would use the red first for notes (love the yellow lines!), first, then the blank one for a commonplace book, and I would use the to do book for a running to do list!

  22. Ooh, I’d definitely use the blue one first. I do love my bullet notes. Damned if I EVER get to the endless things to do list but at least it’ll be neat and tidy in a pretty blue notebook!

  23. I’d probably use the red notebook first. I want to start writing poetry and it’d be a great way to jot down any words or phrases before they escape

  24. I’d probably use the red one first. The blue one is appealing but I’ve already got like three checkbook notebooks going.

  25. I’m a list maker. (OK, when I first tapped out my reply, it read, “I’m a lust maker” — wouldn’t that be something to check off.). For sure I’d use the red notebook to stay on task.

  26. All around lovely giveaway but I would definitely start with the blue one. I am trying to use my ‘to do’ list more to prioritize what I need to get done.

  27. I am in the middle of a complete renovation of our house, while living in it and continuing to have a job and, so todo lists are all around! So that’s what I would start with. But it was a hard choice with the blank one for sketching out room layouts

  28. I would probably go with the to-do notebook first, especially since I have two tiny ‘legal pad’ pages on my desk right now with the grocery stores I need to shop on Friday when I do my grocery shopping.

  29. I would start with the red one as a way of keeping track of my projects (of which I have waayyy too many!) and what I need to complete them.

  30. ordinarily i would say the sketchbook but I really like the format on the To Do list one so it would be first.

  31. Love the colors on these notebooks! I would probably use the To Do list notebook first, but I kind of like the idea of having a dedicated notebook for doodling too so maybe the sketchbook.

  32. I would try out the sketch notebook first as I set a challenge for myself to post a drawing on Instagram at least once a week for 90 days to get myself back drawing more.

  33. I’d use the lined version first, because I’m using a Field Notes Checklist Journal notebook for To Dos at the moment. I’m trying out Zentangle to see if it can lead to drawing. Best to leave that to the 3×5 notebook I got for Christmas.

    Thank you as always for the giveaways.

  34. Hard to select one! I think I’d use The yellow blank sketch book first. The lined books look interesting, too — but the blank page — that lends to creativity

  35. I would use the to-do list to air my grieveances about the many bad habits of poor drivers in my state.

  36. The turquoise to-do book would be the notebook I would start with first. I like that it has boxes to check off 🙂

  37. I would use the blue to-do book first. It would be so nice to have a great notebook to write my giant to do list in and have it all in one place!

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