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Frank Underwater’s post about the Philly Pen Show is excellent, complete with videos of the pen mixer. Hoe includes quick snippets of Dandon’s hands drawing, Paul Erano talking, Ralph’s completely ink-stained hands and more. Quite a thorough review and a different perspective from our dear Jesi’s post last week. The Letter Writers Alliance once again keeps us up to date on changes in postal rates.

The Pen Place broke the news of the upcoming Visconti “value priced” Ocean Breeze line which I will inevitably botch the name and call it  Sea Breeze like a cheap cocktail. Don’t hold it against me, my mind works in mysterious ways. The new Sea Ocean Breeze still keeps Visconti’s signature scimitar clip design which I have never been crazy about — especially since I discovered that it looks exactly like the door handles at The Cheesecake Factory. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. Great, now I have a title for this week’s Link Love: Cheesecake Clip. This is going to haunt me, for sure.

Lots of grey ink reviews this week with a smattering of Montblanc. My Supply Room shows off some of his Hallmark pen collection. And Austin Kleon provides an alternative perspective to tidying up. All hail, Austin!



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