Notebook Review: Floor 9 Cloth Cover Daily Notebooks

Start Somewhere and Dream Big Floor 9 Notebooks

Floor 9 is a home decor and gifts line from a certain company that might sign my paychecks (full transparency here) and I found these lovely, cloth-covered journals (similar notebooks can be found here) recently. Both notebooks feature two ribbon bookmarks and the internal pages have different left- and right-hand page designs.

Start Somewhere and Dream Big Floor 9 Notebooks

On the lefthand side, the top of the page features the days of the week, the months and the days which can be circled, highlighted of designated as needed. Then the page is divided into blank and dot grid about halfway down the page.  The righthand page has a set of slashes at the top to be the date or some other indication and says “Today’s Notes” and is then lined down the rest of the page.

This 2-page layout seems like it would lend itself well to being used as a travel journal allotting one side to drawings, maps or pasting in tickets, photos or ephemera and then writing thoughts, activities and such on the other. The paper is a soft white and the printing is brown.

Start Somewhere and Dream Big Floor 9 Notebooks

Start Somewhere and Dream Big Floor 9 Notebooks

In writing test, there was no feathering issues with the assortment of tools I tried and enough tooth that pencils performed well. The flex fountain pens I tested did show some bleed through so I’m not sure these books will be the best for heavy fountain pen coverage. Fine nibs seemed fine and other pens worked well though there was a little showthrough.

Start Somewhere and Dream Big Floor 9 Notebooks

I was still listening to The Beastie Boys audiobook while writing this review , hence what I was writing.

I would like to share the bounty of notebooks I’ve acquired this year so I am giving away the cream and green notebook. (It is new and has not been used).  The foil lettering on the cover says “Dream Big”. If you would like to win this, please read the info below to enter our giveaway.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what or where you would “Dream Big”. You can say “Poughkeepsie”  or “McDonald’s” if that’s your dream big but put something in your entry. It makes reading through them more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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  1. I’d dream big in my home office.

    Love these notebooks! I’m such a sucker for multiple types of paper.

  2. Dream big? Well because it’s OH FARK COLD out right now, in front of a fire place or in a nice big tub with hot water and bubbles. All of them.

    (Usually I dream big in a small local coffee shop)

  3. I tend to dream big in my garden. In winter, I dream big on my cozy couch planning my garden.

  4. Dream big on the back side of New Zealand and failing to learn to surf for the 3rd time in my life.

  5. I’d like to dream big by being in Chicago for Wagner’s Ring Cycle in 2020. Definitely something to use notebooks for. It’s 4 operas over 7 or 8 days. I’ve been to 2 Ring Cycles in Chicago, and it’s so magical, inspiring, and it ruins other entertainment for me for quite awhile.

  6. Soooooo many dreams big and small. Clearing my desk is a small dream. But that would allow me to persue that big dream to take some baby steps to learn to be better at any calligraphy hand I might want to try. So much to learn!

  7. I’d dream big with a farm of my own, tbh. I’ve always wanted my own homestead out in the woods, complete with various hoophouses and greenhouse areas, I’d like to grow a lot of my own food and have extra to donate to the local foodbanks.

  8. I’d dream big in a small, local coffeeshop (that’s because I can finish big projects in coffeeshops).

  9. Full Personal Agency, for Everyone.
    But I am mostly in my small apartment when I dream big like that.

  10. I am dreaming big for those who haven’t been paid for their work during the US government shutdown. Hope they get that backpay soon!

  11. Dream Big: a week to use all my fountain pens, freshly inked, on Rhoda or Clairefontaine or Tomoe Reiver paper. No distractions, no responsibilities.

  12. Nice little find.
    I’d have to say my dream big spot would have to be The Quinault Rain Forest in Washington State!

  13. I would Dream Big in a house by the ocean in Ballenskelligs, Ireland, recording thinking time thoughts in the notebook.

  14. Where I dream big is at my writing desk and what I dream big about is mostly living a comfortable life and being able to do my hobbies without work constantly getting in the way.

  15. I dream big every time I see my granddaughter – she’s 27 months old and already loves writing and drawing goodies 🙂

  16. I have been dreaming big time about visiting Central Africa, especially Ghana. I’ve just spent 4 years of my life working on a therapeutic drug for a neglected disease affecting millions in Africa, but I’ve never been there. Would like to see where the drug wil have an impact, and meet some of community members.

  17. Dream big …
    So many …
    Most immediately: a job that takes the worry out of paying for health insurance and health care.

  18. I would dream big in the Library. I spend quite a bit of time there.
    I really like the calendar on the left and the blank page on the left.
    Best, Sarah

  19. I LOVE the layout of this book. Very drawn to it, which is saying a lot for this Tomoe River fan.

  20. I can’t enter really, I live in Canada, but I like to support this site so here goes… when I dream big, I’m usually sitting by our dock, looking out over the moon on the lake, and imagining what my children might become.

  21. My dream big would be to be able to travel to World Science Fiction Conventions for the rest of my life. Interacting with so many SF fans.

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