Review: 2019 Traveler’s Notebook Diary Inserts

Traveler's Company Navy Cover

Every year, the Traveler’s Company releases monthly ($11.50) and weekly refills ($26) for their leather covers (both regular-sized and passport-sized). The weekly refills come in two notebooks with six months in each book and the monthly calendar is one book. But along with the calendar refills, they also release a new set of calendar stickers ($11.50) and a new Shitajiki (writing) board ($5.25). Each year has a theme. This year’s theme is music.

Traveler's Company 2019 Planner

Traveler's Company 2019 Shitajiki board

Inside each set of notebooks was a sheet with two big round stickers and a 2019 Guide. The Shitajaki board has a print of musical instruments, radios and tapes on one side and a traditional grid on the other side. If you are heavy handed, it will keep your writing from leaving indentions. It will protect pages from ink bleeding through (though with the MD paper, the likelihood is pretty slim).

Traveler's Company 2019 Weekly Diary

The Traveler’s weekly layouts is one of my favorite planner layouts. On the lefthand page is the week divided evenly starting with Monday and the righthand page is graph paper for notes.

Traveler's Company 2019 Stickers

Traveler's Company 2019 Stickers

I forgot how awesome the set of stickers are. The set comes with six pages. A page of rub-on letters (stunning!), a sheet of translucent dots to use on calendar dates, a sheet of event-specific stickers (not the best designs but useful), a sheet of calendar tabs for regular- and passport-sized books, and a sheet of decorative music-themed stickers.

Traveler's Company Planner Stickers

I put the matching tab stickers on the notebooks — the monthly book tabs were placed down the long edge and weekly notebook tabs were placed along the tab edge.

Traveler's Company Planner Stickers

On the cover, I used the rub-on letters to add “2019” to the front of the weekly book, plus some stickers, of course.

Traveler's Company 2019 Monthly Diary

Once properly decorated, I started adding upcoming events, including birthdays and upcoming trips. The paper is MD Cream so it takes fountain pen ink very well.

Traveler's Company 2019 Weekly Diary

Weekly pages are perfect for getting a bird’s eye view of my week. I include work and blog and personal events. It helps me keep track of everything because I can’t keep it all straight if it isn’t all in one place.

I do love the Traveler’s Notebook set up and for some reason, I always love the regular size. Whether you need both the monthly and weekly calendar, or just want some cool stickers or never had a shitajaki board, the 2019 Traveler’s Company inserts are worth considering.

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