Fashionable Friday: Cherries A-Bloom

FF Cherry Blossom


It finally feels like spring and the cherry trees are blooming. The magnolias and other flowering trees are starting to bloom here so it’s put me in the cherry blossom spirit. In my enthusiasm, I completely forgot to include Fahrney’s exclusive (and annual) Retro 51 Cherry Blossom pen and pencil offerings.

  • MT Japanese Cherry Blossom Washi Tape $3.50 per roll (via CuteTape)
  • Kurochiku Magnetic Bookmark – Sakura (Cherry Blossom) $6.25 (via JetPens)
  • Kobe #30 Ooji Cherry Fountain Pen Ink (50ml bottle) $30 (via Vanness Pen Shop)
  • Visconti Breeze Cherry Fountain pen €82.64 (via Appelboom)
  • NAVA Design Haiku Notes – Pocket-Sized Notebook $8 (via Vanness Pen Shop)
  • Freund Mayer Wax Seal Stick in Pearl Pink $2.75 per stick (via Vanness Pen Shop)
  • Cherry Blossom Enamel Pin $10 (via Jenni Bick)
  • Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu Ink (Fall Cherry Blossom) (15 ml Bottle) $9.90 (via JetPens)
  • Kyo-Iro Cherry Blossom of Keage Ink (40ml bottle) $28 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Daydream Nail Polish $9.50 (via Noodles Nail Polish)
  • Caran d’Ache 849 special edition “Claim Your Style” Pink ballpoint pen €39 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen in Blush Pitaya (Dragonfruit) $27 (via Pen Chalet)
  • Lamy Safari Pastel Rose fountain pen (2019 Special Edition) €20.90 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen in Orchid $52 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Eco-Bag – Small – Sakura (Cherry Blossom) $9.50 (via JetPens)
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff $18 (via Glossier)
  • Pilot Lady White Fountain Pen in Sakura Cherry Blossom $187.50 (via JetPens)

Thanks to my sponsors that provide some of the images I use for Fashionable Friday. Please consider making your next purchase from one of the shops that support this blog and let them know you heard about them here. Thank you for reading the blog and for supporting the sponsors that help keep it running.

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  1. Hi Ana, I’ve always enjoyed your Fashionable Friday posts. It’s nice to see them whenever you have the time to make them.

    Funny thing about Iroshizuku Kosu Mosu is Jet Pens calls it Cherry Blossom while some other sites call it Cosmos. I have the large bottle, but don’t use it often.

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