Ink Review: Monteverde Coral (LA Pen Show 2019)

Review by Laura Cameron

I wasn’t able to attend this year’s LA Pen Show, but my favorite pen show attendee brought me back a bottle of the special show ink, Monteverde’s Coral.

It turns out that Monteverde’s version of Coral is a very orange ink, leaning slightly red.

When I compared it to other ink swatches I had in my “stash” it looked pretty close to Robert Oster’s Red Orange or Monteverde’s Mandarin Orange. I had the special Papier Plume Heart of Gold ink ready to swatch at the same time and it has a bit of a reddish orange look as well.

When I compared the Monteverde to what I traditionally think of coral (like J. Herbin’s Corail de Tropiques) they don’t look similar at all.

In my other ink tests, I really found Monteverde’s Coral to lean very orange. I got almost no red in the regular writing experience, though I did get some really dark shading especially in the ink dots.


Overall, Monteverde Coral seems like a great orange, but I’m not sure it satisfies my need for the one true coral ink!

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  1. Nice. We picked up a bottle of the ‘coral’ from the monteverde booth this weekend at the Atlanta Pen Show!

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