Atlanta Pen Show Haul

Atlanta Pen Show purchases 2019

Once again, I took very few actual photos of the Atlanta Pen Show event. Between working behind the Vanness Pen Shop table Friday through Sunday and participating in the Pen Addict podcast on Saturday night, I had very little time to wander around and take photos. We stayed very busy.

Jesi and I had a great time. We talk all the time but getting to spend time together was also an amazing opportunity.

Atlanta Pen Show purchases 2019

When I did have a few moments to wander, I made purchases, of course! Most of those purchases happened late on Sunday when the show tends to slow down and I have a few minutes to get away from the table.

I bought the following items:

Atlanta Pen Show purchases 2019

Besides purchasing pens at the show, I also received an amazing gift from my friend Julia Skott from Sweden. You might know her better as one of the hosts of the MakeDo podcast and she was recently interviewed on Art Supply Posse. Getting to see Julia and her husband Pontis each year is one of the things I look forward to most each year. She brought a lovely assortment of her ceramic mugs this year and there was quite a bit of enthusiasm for her pen cups and mugs. There’s even talk that Julia might try to get a table next year.

Atlanta Pen Show purchases 2019

Before I left Atlanta, Brad, Myke, Tif, Julia, Pontis and I went to Ponce City Market and visited a stationery shop and an art supply store as well as eating a lot of food before heading to the airport on our various journeys. We mostly bought pencils because, why not?

Buying more stationery after a pen show makes all of us do a happy dance.

#al-staralways, #safariforever and the new #kawekoFTW buttons

Finally, Brad and I made another round of pins for our annual AL-Star vs. Safari rivalry. This year, we added Kaweco into the mix as we felt that the introduction of the Sport Frosted line for 2019 made real waves aesthetically in the low priced, entry level range of pens. Both Brad and I will try to have these pins available at any pen show we are attending this year. I’ll be at the Chicago Pen Show and will have these available. So, you’ll have to decide which is your favorite this year.

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