Chicago Pen Show 2019: The Haul

Ana already covered the Chicago Pen Show, but I wanted to chime in with my experiences and of course the things I picked up! I spent most of my weekend behind the Vanness Pen Shop table working, so I didn’t get the chance to wander the show floor and take photos. I took almost no pictures the whole weekend!

I did get a chance to visit with a few of my favorite vendors and bring home a few treats though.

The first thing I picked up was one of the Chicago Pen Show inks from Papier Plume, Lake Michigan Winter (first look here). Some year’s there’s a run on the show ink, so I made a beeline for them!

My second purchase was this beauty from Franklin Christoph, a Pocket 45 prototype. I did get a chance to walk by the FC table once the prototypes were out, but by the time I got back to shop this one was missing. I was disappointed, but ready to turn my energies to other makes. That evening, however, Jesi showed me her haul. She had bought the one I had my eye on. But Jesi had her eye on several from FC, so we arranged a trade of sorts and I ended up with my previous, so beautiful, so blue.

There was new paper at this show and it was all the rage! Jesi will be reviewing the paper for the blog, but we’re all excited about folios from Wild Pages!

Finally I picked up another blue ink (need to match my ink to my pen right?) from Vanness Pen Shop and, of course, a Chicag-o-Ring (limited edition Col-o-Ring)!

I did receive a few other pens for reviews (those will be forthcoming) and I did a lot of eating, drinking, cake-enjoying, and spending time with friends. This show marks a bit more than a year since I’ve started to go to pen shows and it was a treat to see everyone again and feel like I’m starting to get to know people on my own (rather than trailing around after Ana and Jesi!)

The Chicago show is a medium-sized show and lots of fun, with great friendly people. I would recommend it as a “first show” if you can get there!

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