Giveaway Winner: Post-Pen Show Bonanza (and some stats)

Since I asked folks to list places they would like to see host a pen show, I thought I’d start with a list of recommendations.

  • Texas (specifically Houston and El Paso)
  • Kansas City
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Seattle
  • PDX
  • Lancaster, PA
  • New York City (proper)
  • Chicago (proper)
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Louisville
  • Phoenix

If you, your local pen club or your rich relative want to start planning the next pen show, these were the most suggested locations.

Also, several folks mentioned places that already have pen shows but they may not have been aware they exist already. I recommend that you check out our handy Pen Show Schedule for links to web sites and upcoming dates. Some shows have already happened but we will start adding dates for 2020 (and beyond) as dates become available.

Now, for our winner of the Pen Show Giveaway Bonanza!

New Orleans, Houston and ElPaso are all fairly close so maybe all three cities (and Austin) could pool resources and get a new show pulled together? In the meantime, I hope the price package will tide you over, Karen.

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  1. Pretty close????

    Driving distance from New Orleans to El Paso is 1,093 miles. From Houston to El Paso is 747 miles. That’s almost as far as from El Paso to LA (802 miles).

    Texas is big.

    1. I drive 700 miles to Chicago which is the closest show to Kansas City prior to the addition of the St. Louis show last year so I feel your pain. I didn’t realize, however, quite how big Texas was.

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