Link Love: Virtual Travel Edition

As you are reading this, Laura and I are ensconced enrobed (?) in boxes and nestled into the fine interior of my beloved 10-year-old MINI Cooper on our way to the Chicago Pen Show. Ms. Jesi Coles will be joining us via United Airlines on Thursday. You will find Laura behind the Vanness Pen Shop table this weekend and you will find me manning The Well-Appointed Desk table. Or maybe the other way around? Since the tables are side-by-side, we might flip flop as needed. Either way. Maybe we will all be at Jesi’s Vintage Pen Shop table?

While there is no after party or event planned this year, The Well-Appointed Desk is well represented this year and will be available for Ask The Desk questions at all three tables and at the bar every evening. Please say hello!

This week’s links seems feature a fair share of other travel like Azizah’s trip to Laywines and Pencilcase Blog’s trip to Sakura Pen Gallery. HeyMatthew raps about the Atlanta Pen Show too. The pencil section is more about sharpening this week and we’ve got more for writing than art-making in terms of creativity down in the “other interesting things” section. Hope to see you’all soon!




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