Notepad Review: Original Crown Mill Keyboard Pad

Review by Laura Cameron

When I went on my Vanness Pen Shop spree at the Arkansas Pen Show, one of the things I brought home was a few different kinds of paper. Today I’m going to talk about the Original Crown Mill Color Vellum Keyboard Pad ($10.00).

I work from home and I’m constantly jotting down notes from phone calls, things I need to remember to do, and just bits and pieces of information. So when I saw the keyboard pad, I knew I wanted to try one!

The pad is approximately 3.5″ (9 cm) x 16.5″ (42 cm) and is the perfect length to lay against my keyboard, ready and waiting. The paper is white, 120gsm and just a little bit toothy.

I tried my fountain pens, gel pens, fine lingers and ball points and the paper handled all of them pretty well. There was a bit of feathering with my largest nibs/most saturated inks (I’m looking at you Retro 51 M nib and De Atramentis Deepwater Obsession Black Red), but for a scratch pad, I thought it was pretty good.

There was also a bit of bleedthrough to the back of the page by the same offender, but I don’t see myself using both sides of the keyboard pad, so I’m still ok with the performance.

Overall, this may not be the ideal pad for you, but if you’re someone who has a million thoughts fall out of your brain when you’re at the computer, and needs a place to capture them, give this keyboard pad a try!

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