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Both Austin Kleon and Kottke (in reference to Thom Yorke of Radiohead) discuss audio archives this week. These recordings, both lost and found, represent different creative efforts. Adam Hacklander is interviewed on My Modern Met discussing his creative archives in the form of visual travel diaries and Thomas Thorspecken’s lost journal was returned in a post mentioned on Notebook Stories this week. Paper planners are mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as a trend. And planners represent yet another physical artifact of our lives. But we know all this already, don’t we? Go forth, create your own archives this week.




Eberhard Faber’s “Graphite Pencil Company” (via Contrapuntalism)

Notebooks & Paper:

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  1. “What I found was that sales of garbage bags actually skyrocketed after plastic grocery bags were banned,” Plastic Bag Bans Might Do More Harm Than Good (via
    I don’t think we can use this as a case to continue to use the thin, single use plastic grocery bags. Yes, I reused a lot of mine for things such as rubbish bin liners, picking up dog poo etc, but I still threw a lot away when I unpacked the groceries because they were torn and not able to be reused because they are so thin. The ones I buy now are thicker, but they are also larger and hold more so I use less of them than the single-use ones. I am also more mindful of their use because I am actually paying for them at the supermarket. For me, the biggest saving on not having flimsy single-use bags is that fewer plastic bags should end up as litter, polluting our environment and finding their way to the rivers and ocean where they are ingested by turtles, fish, whales, birds etc mistaking them for jellyfish. We ingest a teaspoon a week of micro plastics in our food because of discarded plastic getting into our food chain Being mindful of the environment is a complex issue with no easy sound-bite answers.

    1. I agree. I started buying compostable cat poop bags instead of using plastic grocery bags. They are more expensive and it’s hard to find good sized bags that are legitimately compostable. But you’re right, there is no easy answer to the environmental waste problem.

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