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This was a week of to-do lists. They were the things I actually accomplished, things I still need to do and things I wish I could do.

On the list of things I accomplished was preparation for the St. Louis Pen Show including unveiling the newest Col-o-ring product, The Col-o-ring “Oversize”. It’s a 4×5.5″ spiral bound notebook/sketchbook that will be available for a limited time. I will make them available on our online shop starting next week.I also packed an epic amount of road trip snacks including the new Boulevard Fling Gin & Tonics.

The things I still have left to do include finishing all sorts of tasks at work, packing last-minute items for the trip and speed cleaning my house so that Jesi doesn’t run screaming when she arrives.

There are things I wish I could do but I will throw out to you, dear readers, in hopes that maybe there’s someone out there who might to take on this challenge from my list:

The All Things Stationery Map of Stationery Shops is no longer being updated. It would be amazing if someone out there in the pen community took on the challenge to create a new map. In today’s Link Love, there are three pen shop mentions. Pip’s Cafe is listed on the map but the locales in Taiwan are not. I know several new shops in the US need to be added and others need to be removed. I’ve tried to email but the contact info I have is no longer working. Does anyone out there want to take on this challenge? Update: Tessa is alive and well and updating the map. Apparently, my email bounce was a fluke. Problem solved.




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