Paper Review: Eco Conscious Sugar Cane

Office Depot Eco Conscious Sugar Cane Based

I love it when I get great mail. My good friend Chris sent me some paper he found at our local Office Depot. Chris actually lives up the street from me but he wanted to make sure I got some samples of it so he mailed them to me.The samples were of the Eco Conscious Sugar Cane paper from the perforated pads which are available in 3-packs for $7.59.

Chris sent me his very own written sample in his beautiful handwriting. He even noted the ink he was using (J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage). He didn’t get any bleed on the front.

Office Depot Eco Conscious Sugar Cane Based

From the back, there’s a little show through and there’s a bit of bleed with the last sample he tested.

Office Depot Eco Conscious Sugar Cane Based

He sent a few sheets for me to try so I gave them a whirl. I had similar results to Chris. Heavier ink coverage caused a little feathering but for the most part, pens seemed to behave.

Office Depot Eco Conscious Sugar Cane Based

On the reverse, there was a little show through and a tiny bit of bleed. But for inexpensive, big box legal pads, this is a great option. And paper made from 80% sugar cane fiber, its pretty good environmentally.

Thanks for the heads up, Chris! And for the beautiful writing sample, too!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the sugar cane paper. I just returned from Office Depot with some and started writing. It is great for my needs and is a fast absorber of ink, so no smudging. I will only write on one side, so I am not worried about bleed-through. The price is right, too. Please keep us in the loop on other discoveries!

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