Eye Candy – Beverly Memo in a Can – Sheep

Review by Laura Cameron

I don’t think I have to tell you why I ordered the Beverly Memo in a Can – Sheep ($7.20) the last time I placed an order with JetPens.

Surprisingly fountain pen friendly.

Also available in Calico Cat, Hedgehog, Shiba Inu, and Owl.


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  1. OMG. I shop on JetPens all the time and have never seen these. What a lovely little gift they will make for my knitting friends! Thanks for sharing the joy!

    1. Yes I noticed that when I was linking yesterday. Add them to your wishlist and you’ll get an alert when they’re back in stock! (jeez I sound like I work there – I don’t!)

  2. Laura, I’m here to say, “Thank you!” You bring a bit of joy & thoughtfulness to my email feed & I’m grateful. This wee little sheep note tickled me, & I appreciate
    The Well-Appointed Desk!

  3. Adorable and so you! I looked at these for a long time, and if there had been a rabbit, I would have been all over it. I can have only one spirit animal at a time. 😉

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