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You knew I would go here, right? With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, its been a permanent celebration at our house. I am streaming the live feed mirroring the moon landing (link below), writing with the ink from the Colorverse First Moon Landing set and generally being our most space geekiest that we can possibly be.

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  1. I’ve been using Diamine Moon Dust ink, and a sample of Nemosine Moon Crater Black ink.

    I have a table set up with Space Race Retro 51 pens, the Three Missions Field Notes plus their Full Moon Lunacy notebook. A stuffed Snoopy astronaut and Snoopy on the Moon celebrating NASA ornament, both from Hallmark. The Acme Studio Rocket Hero Buzz Aldrin Pen from the 40th anniversary, and a deck of Apollo playing cards I bought along with a cap for my Dad for Father’s Day bought from the online store of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Also a book from the Smithsonian called A History in Objects Apollo to the Moon. I also got a 50th Anniversary T-Shirt on amazon.

    Late to the party, yesterday I ordered the American Experience Chasing the Moon DVDs and the companion book. A book recommended by a pen club friend is under consideration called One Giant Leap. In the newspaper today, Andrew Chaikin was mentioned as “our best historian of the space age.” I’ve seen him in the TV shows about the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. I’ve seen his name when searching for books.

    I hope to get a cake, and white sparkle gel icing today, for Saturday’s Moon landing and walk anniversary. Space geeks unite!

    1. We woke up this morning and tuned into to the live rebroadcast of the moon landing, which we’ve had playing for the last few days, knowing that in a couple hours, they will land on the moon. We watched part of the American Experience the other day on PBS too. Space geeks, definitely unite!

  2. Oh yes!

    PBS has been calling it the Summer of Space. Smithsonian channel had good programming as well.

    I like your NASA cup. If I didn’t spend too much money on pens and ink, I’d spend it on Space things.

    Ana, have you ever been to The Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson? It’s very much worth visiting.

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