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I promise that today is the last day that I will inundate you with Apollo 11 links and whatnot. Since this is an opportunity that comes around once every 50 years, I’m taking full advantage of it. I grew up on science fiction movies, tv shows and novels and the wave of history that, by the time I was born, a man had walked on the moon.  It was possible that, in my lifetime, we could live in space, drive flying cars, and have Rosie the Robot attend our every need… or at least I hoped so. And while we don’t have flying cars or Rosie the Robot, I do have an app-controlled R2-D2, NASA has landed rovers on Mars and we have somewhat reliable robot vacuums. So, I love this stuff.

So, in the spirit of successful space travel (and a successful splashdown) and all it made possible both on earth and for future voyages, I give you a few more links.

Just because you’re not a knitter, don’t skip over the “knit to this” link — it’s a recommendation for an amazing podcast that you can listen to while driving, doing the dishes or working out. If you do knit, you’ll appreciate it too. And the Glamourdaze link provides some background history about the women who assembled the spacesuits (hint: they were the seamstresses working at Playtex) and some of the cross-pollination of the hight tech fabrics from undergarments to spacesuits and back again.

And the Oz Typewriter link has a field trip to the relay site in Australia that helped transmit signals from space back to Houston. Pretty neat!

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