Fountain Pen Review: Esterbrook Estie Cobalt Blueberry

Esterbrook Estie Box

Review by Laura Cameron

Ever since the Esterbook Estie came out, I’ve been wanting to get one. However, the original colors didn’t scream “Buy me!” so I figured I’d wait until I saw one that did. This past summer the Cobalt Blueberry (I’ve also seen it called the Blueberry Ice) screamed loud and clear. And so one came home with me!

The Estie is a made of resin, in this case a blue and white resin, that gives it a marbled look. The Estie comes with an logo printed Jowo steel nib and is available in XF, F, M, B or 1.1 Stub. In my case I opted for a Fine nib. Finally, the Estie comes in two trim options: silver and gold. For the icy blue, I preferred the silver trim.



One of the things that intrigues me the most about the new Esties is the MV adaptor (sold separately) that allows you to use vintage nibs in your modern Estie. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to soon!

So far, I have to say that I’m enjoying the Estie quite a bit. It’s a bit larger than the pens I usually use, but I still find it comfortable to hold and write with. The nib writes smoothly and firmly and the ink flows well through the feed system. I am quite sure I can’t say anything more profound than Jesi on the subject of the Estie.


Overall, I’m really glad I added this one to the collection.

There are still a few available, and of course the next big thing is Honeycomb!

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  1. i agree with you 100%… I was gifted the cobalt blue with gold trim and a medium nib and it writes very nicely and looks great too. Hope you enjoy using yours as much as I do mine!

  2. I have my moms old Esterbrook which she ruined with India ink but it still works as a dip, and of course has sentimental value. Glad to see a great review of the new brand, I like the look of the pen. The blue is lovely but I think the honeycomb is going to be my choice.

    1. Ahhh mine is the 1980’s edition, the Cioppino. They did re-release it last year (It looks like Goulet may still have a few in stock). I wasn’t going to do a review of it since it isn’t the new version!

  3. I have an old SJ that was my mother’s. I’ve been eyeing the Esties but like you, I wasn’t really wowed by the colors so far (although your blue and silver is one I thought about long time.) Then…. Honeycomb! I am slavering over Honeycomb. I think it will be mine in September, with gold trim and a stub nib.

  4. Little late seeing your review, but that is one lovely pen. While I am just happy as clam with my Metropolitan pens and have not felt the urge to buy something expensive, I did just place an order at Goldspot for the Honeycomb with gold trim. Looks like a jewel. Thank you for the great review! And thank Jesi as well because I went back and read her review.

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