Giveaway: Back to School with JetPens!

Each year when back to school rolled around, I was most excited to stock up on school supplies. Trapper Keepers, fun graphic folders, mechanical pencils, new highlighters….

Well back to school is here and we want to help all of you celebrate so we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to!  Also because this is a gift card we’re opening it up to our international audience!


TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what you would order with your gift card! Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Wednesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner.

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  1. I would buy things that I want but don’t necessarily need. Top of the list is the My Neighbor Totoro Frixion 3-color pen. The J. Herbin phosphorescent ink would make some fun letters. And probably another pen case, because you can never have too many of those!

    1. I would put the money toward a new fountain pen – I’ve had my eye on a couple Pilot pens lately!

  2. ..$50 at Jetpens… Lately I’m obsessed with mechanical pencils, so maybe a few of those, but I’m always down for a bottle of ink, so maybe that, and I’m certain I can’t check out without getting a notebook.

  3. A little bit of everything! A bottle of bright blue fountain pen ink, some A4 notepads with smoooooth paper, some fun sticky notes for work, and perhaps a neat Japanese pencil case.

  4. Before or after the Morris print washi tape?

    Nah. I’d probably go for a new TWSBI or some ink and paper.

    (Fitting this is today because it’s freshman move-in at the local university)

  5. I’m saving up for the Jibun Techo – I have the Idea booklets and I’m fascinated by the Diary and Life system. I know it’s not arrived yet but that’s my next purchase!

    I’ve been using the Hobonichi Weeks Mega this year and I do like it but I’m hoping the Jibun Techo will be even better.

  6. I have a whole wish list, but first off would be a TWSBI Fountain Pen (Broad Nib), a set of replacement blades for my Kum Automatic Sharpener, and a couple packs of Tombow Ippo Interlocking Pencil Caps!

  7. I have a long wish list at JetPens, but for sure I would actually buy a pen I want but don’t need. 🙂

  8. I would order the mechanical pencil sampler pack. As I get further into my art history/museum studies program, I’ve discovered that a lot of museums don’t allow pens, so I want to have good pencils for my museum work.

  9. I’d get all the odds and ends I have in my wish list. Fun washi tape, cute page flags, scissors, and the pens with special properties like fabric pens and wet erase. Or put it towards a Platinum 1776.

  10. I would purchase a new pen pouch with the pull down top to expose the pens, and some other fun supplies! I love Jet Pens!

  11. Oh, man, a JetPens gift card !!?? I’d probably do as usual when I let myself go on the JetPens site – I like to try a whole bunch of different pens. I may splurge on one of the cool Samplers. And a new pen case. Thanks!

  12. So many choices. Maybe the Platinum Pretty 7 color bundle with fine nibs. I’ve never used that pen, and it would be nice to have a set with a lot of colors for sketching.

  13. I am currently really enjoying blue/black inks: ballpoint, gel, fountain pen ink. There are many more to discover that I have not tried, so that is where I would probably start. There would also probably be another fountain pen purchase in there as well. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  14. I’d go for a California Republic Retro 51 rollerball — I’ve never been to California but I just love the grizzly bear on the pen! And I’d follow that with a washi tape chaser.

  15. Oh boy – there are currently 73 items on my official wish list on the site, so it would take some time to pick just a few things out!

  16. The Zebra Delguard Type-Lx in 0.5mm is a clear good first choice, for I need a good new mechanical pencil to use for erasable notes (and mostly D&D). I will also take the Sakura Sumo Grip B80 eraser for it is a good eraser that’s been recommended to me a lot.
    A Rhodia Goalbook (A5 – Dot Grid – Black) will help me a lot to plan studying for exams and doing homework (and working on my writing projects).
    A 30ml bottle of Diamine Oxford Blue would be quite good for my fountain pen use (as I only have a bottle of green ink, and a bottle of black).
    The well-respected uni-ball Signo DX is also a must-have for me, though it puts me over by 50¢ (which I am willing to pay).

  17. What a lovely idea! I’d actually gift it to my daughter in Canada. She starts music school at university in a September after studying something different the past three years. I’m in Spain this year and we can’t go school supply shopping together, do this would be my way of making it special. ✏️

  18. For some reason I still don’t own a Kaweco Sport fountain pen. The gift card would change that! Of course I would have to decide which one… current favourite is the Blue Ice.

  19. School-supply shopping was always the best part about going back to school! I’d love to try some pastel highlighters!

  20. I have my eye on the Twsbi Eco in Blossom Red. So pretty! I don’t have an eco yet, so I feel like I’m on the edge of a slippery slope! 🙂

  21. I’d get a TWSBI Eco in coral with an extra fine nib, and write forever and ever, since it holds so much ink.
    I’d probably get a some tiny ink bottles, too. Can’t resist them!

  22. I would buy ALLLLLLLL the colours of the Pilot Frixion pens. Even though what I actually NEED is a new planner and a couple notebooks, those just arn’t as fun as a rainbow of new pens.

  23. I’m getting a new wallet (coming in the mail shortly) that will have space for a mini-pen, so I’ve been eyeing the Zebra SL-F1 (and some different coloured inks for it!) and mini notebooks to go with it.

    But I am also a total fan of having all the colours to play with, so something like the Sakura Gelly Roll pens would be a lot of fun.

  24. Ooooh, I’m about to start a PhD program, which means teaching labs and grading. So I’d be looking to find some good waterproof inks in colors that are not black or blue, plus plenty of sticky notes and notebooks for my own studying.

    Plus, maybe a good lab notebook, if I’m allowed to pick out my own. I love a pretty lab notebook.

  25. I would love to have a gift certificate to explore the many different papers and gel ink refills, so I can find a few I enjoy more than the standards I have been using. And let’s be honest – I would probably throw in some fun erasers, stickers, etc. too!

  26. I would probably buy a metal Kuru Toga and several notebooks to stock up for school. Who am I kidding, I can’t resist buying more blue clicky pens too, probably Uni Signo 307s.

  27. I would probably select some desk accessories. Jet Pens has so much cool stuff that I put on my Wish List but never buy, because I try to focus my budget on pens, paper, and ink. Some of the things that temp me are: cool looking scissors, a pen stand, tape dispenser, template or guide sheets.

  28. I would buy the gorgeous-looking Pentel EnerGel Philography Gel Pen in Red and splurge on the Leuchtturm1917 Monthly Planner Notebook in Berry. I currently Bullet Journal and am pretty happy with my own adaptations…but with some extra money, I’d try Bullet Journaling in the LT Monthly Planner. 🙂

    1. Be warned that the Philography scratches pretty easily. Though, I haven’t really seen a pen that matches its aesthetics, so I suppose it’s worth it if you keep it safe.

  29. O!! I’ve been in search of a good journal that works with watercolor mainly, but also fountain pen + watercolor sketches. There are so many options out there! Also would love the new Tombow dual brush colors!

  30. Back to school shopping has always made me excited!
    I would buy a Lihit Lab smart cover notebook to cover my b5 notebooks. I’d also buy a Kerry mechanical pencil and a Rhodia wirebound notebook. I would truly be ready for going back to school in September!

  31. When I was a kid, school supply shopping was always the best part of August. If I won, I would love to get a new bottle of Document Ink.

  32. Back to school supply shopping was the best! I’m trying to become more organized and effective at work, so I’d pick up a Mnemosyne N163 weekly calendar pad, and the brown or the brown-black pen sampler as I’m totally bored with black and blue.

  33. I would probably buy some sort of paper, either my next journal or some loose paper. I used to love back to school time, but it’s less fun now that I’m a teacher. I do try to enliven it with some stationery refresh even though most of my work and grading is online these days. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    1. I definitely want to grab another bottle of Edelstein smoky quartz ink while I still can. And then I will use rest of it to buy some Blackwing and Tombow pencils that are sheet music friendly for our next class of aspiring classical conductors.

  34. I’m addicted to so I’m thrilled to see them featured in this way. I would get some Midori stationery I’ve had my eye on, a Pelikan twist, some washi, and maybe another TWISBI…

  35. I’ve been lusting after a black Lamy 2000 but haven’t decided on nib size yet. But there are soooo many items at Jet Pens I want! Blow one gift card on one big purchase or get many little purchases?!?!?! Decisions decisions…

  36. As a teacher… I’d buy a bunch of ink, probably a good pen holster for my pens while at work… Mostly used the gift certificate as an excuse to buy even more stuff and feel less bad about it. And then probably pay that $50 in interest to Visa while paying it back. But think of all the colors!!!

  37. I’ve got my eye on two dip pens: Luis Creations Moblique 2-in-1 Penholder – Straight & Oblique – Copper Sunrise, J. Herbin Tapered Body Frosted Glass Dip Pen – Large – Light Blue Tint. I’d also love…well…everything else. I’d love to treat myself to some good quality ink instead of the stuff from Walmart that I started out with.

  38. I would purchase some special prizes for my students to win. An entry-level fountain pen, fancy pencils, a cool notebook. A nice school related prize that stands out.

  39. I have a pretty large wishlist on JetPens 🙂 I will get some new gel/rollerball/highligher pens that I have been wanting to try, and some other knickknacks.

  40. Well, it’s not hard to spend down a JetPens gift card! On my JetPens wish list now are some fountain pens, including the Pilot Prera and the TWSBI ECO. Plenty of pen cases to choose from too, especially the Lihit Lab Smart Fit Double Pen Case (in Orange).

  41. There’s so much there to buy! But lately I’ve been looking hungrily at passport-size Traveler’s notebooks… again. I never have gotten to try one, though! A gift card would be a great opportunity to splurge a bit on trying one out 🙂

  42. I’ve been wanting to try an A4 binder with looseleaf paper, so I’d order some of that. Maybe a lihit labs bag in bag or some j herbin ink with the leftovers!

  43. 100% would buy spare converters of various Japanese pen companies – I keep running into people who have a Pilot this or Platinum that and have only done cartridges. I’m trying very hard to convert them into bottled ink users in addition to their cartridge habits! I’d try to move them to syringe/eyedropper, but that’s often a big leap for the uninitiated.

    Anyway, I need spare converters. Here’s hoping!

  44. I would definitely buy office supplies for work. I’ve been yearning for more organization at my desk.

  45. A Clairfontaine Triomphe pad, a Midori MD notebook in graph A5, a handful of Zebra Sarasa Push Clip pens, some ain stein pencil lead, one of those clear rulers with the grid printed on them, a couple Parker G2 style refills. Did I blow the $50 gift card yet? I could go on.

  46. I would take my gift card and my iPad up to my favorite charity, Amethyst Place, and let a couple of lucky kids pick out weird glittery totally impractical Japanese pens and stuff.

  47. Oh man, $50??? I think I’d get a new fountain pen. Or no, maybe some A5 notebooks with Tomoe River paper. No, actually… maybe a new pen case. But then there’s ink. I’ve never tried any Robert Oster inks. And there are some Sailor inks I’ve always wanted. But… fountain pen. Urrrgh! I can’t make up my mind. And I haven’t even looked at my Jet Pens wishlist.

  48. I want to try the Jibun Techo planner this year! Do I still have some left over? Uh, then… Midori stationery to fill it in!

  49. I’ve got my eye on a Pentel Philography Energel pen and an A6 Midori gridded notebook and paper cover. I’m long past school age, so these supplies will wind up being used at work. It’s always “back to work” time!

  50. I would order a fine nib royal blue Pilot Prera! And then I’d have to get at least one bottle of ink to use the remaining gift card… 😀 Or maybe go a bit over and treat myself to a second Prera in gray!

  51. Well, I’ve been wanting to try out a fountain pen…so I would probably use it for a pen, maybe some ink…to try out for the very first time.

  52. I would order the Midori 5-year notebook, an Energel Clena Pen in brown, Autopoint mechanical pencils and replacement leads.

    Or a Pilot Decimo because it was part of their last giveaway, and I so wanted to win. I have the notebook that was part of the giveaway. Sigh.

  53. I would buy a white Pilot Prera and converter for this homeschool parent. The floral pencil bag for the back to school child would probably would round out the card.

  54. Where to begin?
    There’s always room for another fountain pen… or bottle of ink?
    Or a 2020 planner? Or more Totoro-style goodies! OR! OR! There’s so much! Thanks for the chance at a GC! 😀

  55. I’ve spent the last couple of days deliberating on my shopping cart @Jetpens, which currently has the Midori notebooks recommended here I think and some gel pens I’ve read about elsewhere and wanted to try.

  56. Maybe a Pilot Prera and some ink to go with it, definitely some washi tape – they’ve got some really cool ones. I do love Clairefontaine paper, and it’s always fun to browse through the organizer category. One can never be too organized.

  57. I’d buy a TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR medium point in purple along with a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu Ink.

  58. What wouldn’t I get! Wooo hooo! Some colorful fountain pen inks and amazing fountain-pen friendly paper to go with, groovy washi tapes and stickers all over the place! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I would love to gift this to my oldest granddaughter, she always needs art papers, pens and color pencils.

  60. So many stationary loves to feed …. a planner, no wait a new pen for the new year … no inks there are so many colours to try . . . notebooks I have always wanted to try bullet journalling on really nice paper . . .. no wait ….

  61. I think I would put the gift cards towards one of those beautiful backpacks or a sample set that has multiple pens in the same color or even a few of the Kokuyo binders.

  62. I’d get my back to school essentials for my senior year of HS, Campus Notebooks, Pilot V5 refills, Pentrl Ain Stein Lead, Sakura foam eraser, green textsurfer highlighters (Only green!), and probably a few ink samples for my pens, probably also in green.

  63. I don’t even have to think twice about it…I would put the gift card towards the purchase of the two latest additions to my embarrassingly long wishlist. Item #1 is the Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo fountain pen in purple. Naturally, to go with the purple pen, one has to have purple ink so item #2 is a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu ink. How’s that for being specific! Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  64. Words can not convey how much I love JetPens. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time there gazing with envy. I’ve picked up journaling for my mental health and generally nervous constitution. My journal is going everywhere with me so I need to find some carrying cases and pencil boxes. My purse is a bag of infinite holding and I need to prevent my journal and supplies from vanishing into the maw. In short (ha) I’d order a fancy pencil case and Japanese stickers because they make me happy.

  65. My wish list there is long, but what catches my eye the most right now is that Kaweco Student Pen in 70s Soul!

  66. Oh, my goodness, where to start?! I’d try to kit out in true back to school style: a sampler pack of something colorful, a water brush pen, glue pen, scissors, folding ruler, a brass Traveler’s fountain pen – okay, I’ve gone over budget, but pretty much anything fun that I usually don’t let myself splurge on when I’m buying more “practical” items. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  67. I love fountain pens, but have to use ballpoint pens for a lot of work, so I’d probably look into a nice ballpoint pen.

  68. Oh man! I’d have to surf through all their accessories. There are so many things on my list that I want to have them drop in a box and send to me!

  69. A planner for 2020 – the year I actually maintain a planner. [Where have I heard that before…?] New ink. And pens I don’t actually need but will enjoy immensely.

  70. I would buy a Nock Co. Brasstown pen case, or a Kokuyo Pat-mi planner and Jibun Idea Note inserts and other accessories ❤️

  71. Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball California Republic Edition (Jetpens Exclusive) $40
    Schmidt P8126 Capless rollerball refill $5.50

  72. I already have a long wish list at Jetpens, but I’d probably try to get some new type of art supply that I haven’t tried before.

  73. Oh I would definitely try a few pens from the Ohto line–everything I’ve purchased so far has been really amazing! 🙂

  74. The TSWBI Blossom Red pen is on the list, as well as another Kuru Toga advance, probably one from the Ghibli collab!

  75. I’m currently on a stationary buying ban, because I have to use up my stock. But a giveaway doesn’t count right? Back to school season is one of my favourite time of the year. I love to wander in the stores just to smell the fresh supplies gathered on the stands. If I would win, I would splurge on japanese paper.

  76. I would like to try out the platinum preppy fountain pen and some ink and ink cartridges because I want to get into using fountain pens. Maybe a pen case or two. And I would also like to buy maybe a bit of everything else? Idk tbh. . . But I hope I get picked because I love JetPens!

  77. I would use it to penable a few folks at work who snag pens off my desk only to be confounded by the fountain nib. I’m thinking Kakuno for them. Then I’d snag some paper, a fun pencil, and some new inks in the red/orange or green families. Whatever happens I cannot but more purple ink. (But somehow I will end up with just ooone more bottle- it always happens)

  78. Maybe one (or two — it’s hard to decide which color I prefer) of the pastel Lamy Safaris. And then, of course, ink for it.

  79. I would choose one of the inks I can’t get over here, Kyo no oto Hisoku or a first bottle of the Iroshizuku inks! Maybe anothe Kaweco Sport, I love their EF nibs… Thanks for the chance!

  80. I would get another fountain pen in extra fine so I can use it in class on cheap paper. Or use it buy a really nice Rhodia notebook that will hold all my lovely statistics notes, or just notes that aren’t school related. Maybe I’d get that laptop case I saw on YouTube video or some more highlighters too.

  81. Oh my goodness what wouldn’t I order! Either some ink that isn’t carried by my regular pen emporia, or papery goodness!

  82. I’ve been eyeing the LAMY Lx – Ruthenium but haven’t been able to talk myself into it – with a gift card, I can absolutely make that leap 🙂

  83. Definitely some new ink and a new notebook–I’ve been debating between a Hobonichi planner or trying a new-to-me notebook brand: Midori, Rhodia, Clairefontaine for my work planning/notes.

  84. I’ve been thinking about getting a Midori Traveller’s Notebook for quite a while; haven’t yet been able to decide between the Regular and the Passport size.

  85. I would get the Nock Co A5 seed notebook case in Iris and electric blue. I have been drooling over this case for sooo long but cannot justify spending $70. I can totally justify spending $20 if I had a $50 gift certificate!

  86. I’d pick up the new coral TWSBI with a fine nib and some matching ink. It would make grading more fun! (Teachers need some of that back to school new stuff joy too!)

  87. I just graduated in design and I’m about to dive in the world of real jobs, so probably a hobonichi to keep everything organised!

  88. I need some of those Kokuyo soft ring notebooks because this lefty has been struggling to find a ringed notebook that I can use.

  89. I would order some really neat pens that I haven’t tried before. I love pens–love everything about them and I pick pens that will fit my mood. I am writing my first novel and am handwriting the first draft, so more pens would be great!

  90. I would use it to help defray the cost of the Platinum Kanazawa Leaf Fountain Pen – Cherry Blossom – Medium Nib!

  91. Yay, international fans get to take part!

    I’d love a jetpens voucher.

    My wishlist stands at 96 items at the moment so I could get a fistful of pens including the Clenas and the Uni Jetstream Multi Pen and Pilot Petit and throw in a pencil or two like the Autopoint Twinpoint in Blue and Black as it looks so American and some Pilot MR/Metro rollerballs and pencil to match my fountain pen as I haven’t seen them over here and maybe those cute panda sticky notes and of course I need the adjustable bookstand, don’t I? Or maybe I put it towards something filthily expensive – I’ve had my eye on that Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter for so long…… well, you see my problem. Thanks for the giveaway, my fingers are crossed!

  92. I want another Bock #6 titanium nib because I love the one I have, and it pairs perfectly with the pen it’s in, which makes it difficult when I want to write with a titanium nib in a different color of ink.

  93. Either a TWSBI ECO fountain pen (orange or green cap, extra fine) or a Rhodia Goalbook (probably purple). In either case, some ink off my wishlist to make up the rest.

  94. I have such a long list at jetpens! I would likely get some pencil covers so I can wander more easily with traditional drawing pencils, and some stickers (Ojisan Man makes me laugh), and jellyfish washi. Then I would spend three weeks debating which notebook to get.

  95. Hmm, I think I’d get a Kaweco Skyline (need a pocket pen) and some Pilot Iroshuzuki to fill it.
    Or, maybe just the ink and some loose leaf Tomoe River paper.
    Or, maybe some Blackwing pencils.
    What a dilemma!

  96. I’m a complete freak when it comes to pens. I must have a heartthrob pen with colors even for my sticky notes. And then a little doodle. I’d love to have the Staedtler Triplus Rollerball Pen – 0.4 mm – 10 Color Set – ooooh so nice.

  97. I’d buy a Nock Co. pen case. I love bringing my pens with me but I need a better way of keeping them organized.

  98. I would love to go shopping at JetPens! I would look for a new pen/pencil case as they always have such neat new ones to check out. I also have been looking for a demonstrator fountain pen so it would be a good time to shop!

  99. Twsbi Vac 700 and some new ink. Getting ready to start another year of teaching. Lots of grading to do!

  100. I could use some refills for my new Spoke Pen. Paper is always useful. I haven’t yet tried a fountain pen by Platinum, and they’ve got some options in the < $50 range. Perhaps a sampler of green highlighters? So many choices!

  101. Hello, fountain pen people, what an inspiring bunch. Glorious to take part in the fun. Wishing list includes a cool case, like Nock, for pad and pens. Improbably colored pen to go into it, and gifts to spread the joy

  102. I would buy the items currently hanging out in my cart which include some Pilot Iroshizuku inks, a Platinum Procyon pen, and the National Parks Field Notes.

  103. JetPen gift card you say? Hmmm, Iroshizuku ink sampler…or J. Herbin Bleu Ocean ink…I’m kind of jones’n for a Kaweco Stainless Steel Sport, maybe double broad nib!

  104. Well, first of all, thanks for the giveaway! And for the many reviews and Love Links (my favorite).

    What would I spend the gift card on… well, chances are, I’d get on their site and fall down some rabbit hole tangential to my current interests when all I really meant to do was get more stuff I am already into. But let’s assume that doesn’t happen and I stick with what I already love. I think I’d like to either apply the gift card toward a Sailor pen I saw come up on their site recently, OR do something completely different and buy some cool esoteric ephemera for art journaling. Plus, I need a good eraser, dammit.

  105. I would buy 4 campus binders, and gift set for my brother’s birthday, and some pens and pencils for my brother and me.

  106. Turquoise pens! All the turquoise pens! The turquoise pens sampler and a turquoise Pilot Metropolitan… and maybe some turquoise ink or a turquoise notebook (are you sensing a theme?)…

  107. Hmmm, I have been eyeing a Lihit Labs notebook cover for my bullet journal. And a new notebook to put in it of course!

  108. So hard to choose! I’d start with my giant wishlist on JetPens and go from there. Perhaps some new ink?

  109. I don’t really need anything but that never stops me from adding items into my wish-list and even shopping cart. I’d most likely end up using the $50 towards next years Hobonichi. 🙂

  110. I’ve always got stuff in my cart and wishlist at JetPens… There’s a few washi tapes that have been sitting in my cart for a while, probably a few highlighters to test out against fountain pens/fine tip markers/pencils. Maybe a pen/pencil case (Nomadic or Kamio), 2.0mm lead sharpener, Akashiya Etegami paper, a pair of Nakabayashi scissors, a new eraser or two to test (I haven’t used a Uni Boxy), a nice black calligraphy ink, and if there’s still some leftover probably a couple new Tachikawa nibs.

  111. Wow. I would want Pilot Penmanship pens, Mnemosyne graph notebooks, pigma microns, and Iroshizuku ink. Classes start next week, and this would be a real boon for my studies!

  112. My JetPens wish list is super long too… I could use some things for work, but I’d probably pull the trigger on a Parker fountain pen I’ve been eyeing.

  113. I would use it to get the Monteverde Engage Rollerball for my new job, where i can not use FPs. So i can trick my boss and use the ink anyway.

  114. That would be a hard decision, they have so much to choose from! I think I would get a Pilot Prera and some ink to go with it.

  115. Wow! I would love to win this. I could use a lift!

    I would spend it on one of the many. many…many items on my JetPens Wishlist. Maybe some fude pens, or a Travelers Notebook.

    Pick Me!

  116. Ooh! I’d love to stock up on some Traveller’s notebook refills, or maybe buy the Pilot Prera in grey that I’ve been eyeing… and there’s so many fun inks too. I don’t really know! Perhaps I ought to say something crazy like 49 #2 pencils lol

  117. So many things, a few more Kokuyo notebooks, maybe some nice new ink… because you can never have too much ink. I need more refills for my multi pen and maybe a new B5 cover. It’s my favorite size notebook but man are they a hard size to find anywhere else. Thanks for the chance!

  118. I’d probably get some paper, ink, and rollerball refills. I’ve also been eyeing a Kaweco Al sport in red, so maybe one of those, I don’t know $50 can be spent pretty fast, Jetpens has so many amazing things.

  119. That new Concise Bellows pencil case is calling my name… Always wouldn’t hurt to buy a few more inks! I don’t have any shimmering stuff yet so Emerald of Chivor is at the top of the list.

  120. I would get a couple Lihit Lab twist ring notebooks, and the Lihit Lab hole punch. I use disc bound notebooks (Circa/Levenger) and trying a new binding system intrigues me. I would also order the Raymay Handy Microscope (it has always puzzled but delighted me that this is at JetPens) so I could use it with my grandkids when they visit us here on the lake.

  121. A couple Mnemosyne notebooks, which are my favorites for taking notes in grad school and a fun colored bottle of ink.

  122. I want to get a TWSBI GO in clear to add to my TWSBI collection and a bottle of Monteverde Moonstone. Anything left over, I might use for some art supplies or a pencil case.

  123. Its time to admit I’m a pack rat for mechanical pencils and notebooks among many other things. A rotring Rapid pro in black or Pilot Automac is something I’ve been drooling on.

  124. Definitely add to my inktense colours with several pencils. Possibly splurge on museum aquarelle caran d’ace to get fancy. If there is any left some tamoe river paper.

  125. As a pencil lover and mechanical pencil user, I would probably get a pair of Uni Shift Pipe Lock’s, a Kurutoga PS and a striking Towbow Monograph Multipen.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. Since I’m heading to grad school in the fall, Is use the gift card to buy things like whiteboard makers, page flags, etc.

    When I’m done with that, since I love using fountain pens, I’d probably use the rest on things like a new syringe, extra ink, maybe a new pen, stuff like that.

  127. Oh my. Torn between trying something new (Lihit Lab case, pouch, or notebook cover) or sticking with my tried-and-true (Coleto 5-color multipens and refills in all the colors)… makes me happy just thinking about it!

  128. My daughter is obsessed with the Jinhao sharks and wants a rainbow of fountain pens, so that’s where my money would go.

    I am very thankful that she is obsessed with fountain pens. It means she’ll never have enough money to get into drugs.

  129. I’ve got a handful of Kakunos on my list- a quick nib swap with a stub from a Plumix, and I’ll be set up for drawing with a variety of line widths!

  130. I would wait until all of the 2020 planners show up and put the $50 to making a fancier-than-otherwise set-up. Perfectly-sized pencil boards, a spendy cover, cute planner stickers, a set of stencils, things like that.

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