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The DC Pen Show for 2019 is in the bag, as is the Urban Sketch Symposium. Gentleman Stationer and Looped Square have a recap of the pen show and our intrepid, wandering sketcher Tina (Clouds & Coffee) has some sketches from Amsterdam and the symposium.

Like all pens shows, DC was all about seeing friends –old and new!
I finally got to meet the radiant Zenyp from Write to Me Often who is as amazing in person as she is online. And the Saturday morning line started early. The fire marshal shut it down and people were allowed in early to clear the hallways.

DC is the busiest and one of the most exhausting pen shows for me. This year, though, it was one of the happiest. I was blessed with kind friends and readers who kept us well-stocked with snacks, poke bowls, and chocolates. Other folks came bearing gifts from far and wide and I cannot tell you how touched I was by the gestures. I was literally struck speechless by the kindnesses. I was afraid to speak for fear of bursting into uncontrollable sobbing. Brad, on The Pen Addict, talks about crying from the kindnesses but I think I would have fallen into full-on ugly crying I was so taken by surprise. So, I stiff-upper-lipped it, tried my best to say thank you as graciously as possible and then gushed in private.

These are some of the gifts I received. There will be reviews for some of them.

I also had many people come up and tell me how much they enjoyed reading the blog, the email newsletter (blog posts by email) or seeing our Instagram posts and I was equally touched. Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello. It meant the world to me.

Finally, there was a little ink-cident on the way home that caused everything to get covered in a lovely shade of Petrichor. Thanks, TSA! My suitcase totally needed to be inspected.




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  1. I chose the link to read about the LWA. I might finally buy a few items I’ve put off. Has anyone ever completed the Initiative Responses? I’ve thought about those, but as noted never ordered anything.

  2. Welcome back! And thanks for the link… I’m indeed back from Amsterdam and even (mostly) over jetlag!

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