Preview: Papier Plume Marina Green (SF Pen Show 2019)

Papier Plume MArina Green bottle

With the San Francisco Pen Show just around the corner, its time to discuss all the goodies that will debut and/or only be available at the show. First on the list is Papier Plume‘s Marina Green ink ($10).

Papier Plume Marina Green Col-o-dex

This ink is a bright, grassy green and is said to have UV protective in the ink making it less likely to fade which can be an issue with bright green inks.

I didn’t notice any sheening in the ink but there is some shading in the color. With a fine nib, the color is light and almost lime in color. Wider nibs and dip pens make the color more grassy and kelly green.

Papier Plume Marina Green

Compared to other bright, vivid greens, Marina Green is pretty similar to Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen. Robert Oster’s new Vine Leaf is also a bit similar. Niether of these colors contain the UV protectant that Papier Plume is using. Since I received the ink just a few days ago, I have not had time to test and compare the UV protectant to these inks but I will certainly try to test this out in the coming weeks.

I hope this preview gives you a quick look at this color and helps you decide if you need to add this ink to your “must haves” for the SF Pen Show or if you need to get a friend to mule a bottle back for you. I suspect this ink will be a limited run as Papier Plume has done with the Chicago Show inks in the past though they have listed any leftover bottles on their web site after the show, IF there are any left. Don’t be left empty handed!

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