Ink Review: Krishna Overcast Deep Lilac

Review by Laura Cameron

Ana has been keeping me stocked in purples to review. Recently, she brought me a bottle of Krishna Overcast Deep Lilac (20mL, $6.00) all the way from the DC Supershow. This was actually my first experience with Krishna inks, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect!

Overcast Deep Lilac is a somewhat muted dark blue purple. In certain lights it reminds me of more cobalt or indigo than purple.

Overcast Deep Lilac is part of the Super Rich series, which is designed to provide vibrant but consistent color throughout. So if you’re looking for color-changing or super sheening, you’ll have to look outside this series. I do note that there’s some nice shading in heavier applications, though you probably won’t see too much of it if you’re using a finer nib.

Like I said, I was surprised how blue this ink really is. I really don’t have too many good inks to compare to it in my stash. The lighter parts are fairly comparable to J. Herbin Violet Pensees, which is somewhat blue as well. I also pulled out Robert Oster Summer Storm. Summer Storm is considerably grayer, but has that somewhat muted/matte tone to it.

I think in general, I prefer the redder purples (and you can tell if you take a look at my Col-o-dex!) but this is a nice purple if you’re looking for something that leans blue. It was smooth writing and dried quickly and did give a consistent color that’s easy to read. And Krishna inks are affordable and fun!

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