Link Love: 30 Days of Inky Ideas

Inktober #1: “A is for Art Supplies” My theme this year is all my favorite things. These are the tools I’m using for Inktober.

Depending on the month, the links I find will lean heavily based on trends. Last month was planner release month so the Notebook & Paper category was poppin’. This month is Inktober so the Art & Creativity category is where the action is. Next month, with NaNoWriMo, the Notebook & Paper category will get busy again but Ink and Pens will probably get their fair share of attention too.

No matter what type of creativity excites you, there is a project or way to make pen, pencil, ink and paper help to make your goals and dreams a reality. If you bake or cook, document your recipe tweaks, successes and failures. Or draw your meals, prep or recipes. If you are a performer of music, stage or movement, write about your experiences. Document future performances, choreograph, orchestrate, write lyrics, plays, poems or music. Create costume ideas, sets or stage direction. No one has to see what you write but putting your thoughts on paper means you will remember and can build on your ideas. Make your own “30 days of set decorating” or costume design or catchy beats or whatever will help you on the path to your dream — big or small.




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